Access Management with Criotive

Distribute time- and place-restricted access rights, to authorized people only.

Access Management with Criotive

Distribute time- and place-restricted access rights, to authorized people only.

A simpler, more secure way of distributing access rights

Easy for you and your users.

Working directly in the Criotive system, administrators can manage and distribute virtual keys over the air. The recipients can then immediately unlock a physical place and/or access services such as promotions or payments.



Access at specific places and times


Provide virtual keys to visitors or employees on the go without the need for a physical check-in.

Access to promotions


Target selected customers with special offers and distribute virtual keys or tokens securely via your app.

Enabling access to payments on the go


As a valuable add-on to your service, Criotive can enable cashless payments on a wearable device.

Tech and vendor agnostic

The access management solution is built on an open platform and designed to function with any brand of digital lock, turn-style of access gate. No additional hardware investments required.


Tech agnostic means freedom

Reduce manual work

Using Criotive cuts out the time-consuming process of manual programming and physically distributing keys or key cards face to face. All access rights are granted, changed, prolonged or revoked remotely, over the air.

Reduce manual work

End-user convenience

Your employees, guests or tenants no longer need to pick up their keys in person. Wherever they are, they can get virtual keys sent to their phone – for touch transfer to a card, or direct use on a wearable device.

End-user convenience
Security on every level with access management

Security on every level

All communication takes place over an encrypted channel, which means the data is invisible to everyone but the service provider. Keys cannot get lost or stolen, and old keys simply become invalid.

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Adaptable and scalable

Access Management can be customised and scaled gradually to suit the needs of your organisation. Start small and build up as you get used to the simplicity and security of the system.

Criotive's Access Management

A solution from Sony to improve security

Partners/tech providers

  • Digitise your offer with confidence
  • Scalable and futureproof over time
  • Provides a regular revenue stream thanks to SaaS
  • Tech- and vendor agnostic (works with all major brands of electronic locks)

Business users (and owners)

  • Control access more precisely
  • Easy-to-use system simplifies the administrators’ job
  • Saves time by reducing manual work
  • Offer add-on services to reward customer loyalty

End users  

  • Speed and convenience, no more queuing for key cards
  • Reduce the risks associated with lost keys

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