Case story

Schulte-Schlagbaum's (SAG's) Swedish distributor

Case story

Schulte-Schlagbaum's (SAG's) Swedish distributor

Looking to eradicate drug losses in healthcare?

Schulte-Schlagbaum’s Swedish distributor has found an answer.

Keeping track of drugs is a major problem for the healthcare industry. Quite apart from causing financial losses, drug diversion feeds addiction and criminality in wider society. In a bid to solve this, Schulte-Schlagbaum’s (SAG’s) Stockholm-based distributor has put together a new security package for healthcare customers. It combines SAG electronic locks with the Criotive secure provisioning service from Sony.

According to Swedish vendor, Hans Ahnström, the feedback from customers has been amazing. “Our solution makes access management so much simpler. And it is winning us new customers every month. They tell us that administration is easier and more efficient, and that drug losses have stopped overnight. This is easily the best access management technology available today.”

Key benefits 

The fact that Criotive is technology- and vendor-agnostic makes it unique on today’s market. This is especially interesting for companies that currently own locks from multiple manufacturers. Now they too, can enjoy the advantages of a modern access management service — one which works equally well regardless of the installed hardware. 

What advantages does Criotive offer over competing solutions?

  • Lower losses through higher security
  • Unique technology- and vendor-agnostic open platform
  • Multiple provider flexibility
  • Easy-to-use for administrators
  • Seamless experience for personnel
  • Time- and cost-saving OTA access rights
  • No manual card programming
  • Straightforward upgrades



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Cabinet Case Criotive

Easy, accurate access management

With Criotive, administrators can distribute access rights (virtual keys) from a web interface. These can be assigned quickly and simply with pinpoint accuracy, down to one person, a single cabinet and a specific time period.

Access right away Case Criotive

Remote yet secure

Employees receive a notification to their mobile phone or wearable device and can activate their key card right away. It’s ready in an instant, without the need for physical meetings. All transferred data is secure.