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Criotive is a secure, scalable, technology-agnostic platform for over-the-air distribution of access rights – from the service provider to the end-user’s phone, card or wearable. It makes managing access rights safe and easy, regardless of the number of users or devices involved. Lund — October 15, 2019

What is Criotive and what is it for?

Criotive is a vendor agnostic solution for the secure provisioning of access rights. Criotive is primarily dealing with access to physical places, but also offers additional services such as payments and promotions. It enables organizations to manage and distribute virtual keys over-the-air to an end user’s smartphone, keycard or wearable.

How does Criotive work?

Criotive provides an encrypted channel between the system administrator and the user’s smartphone. This allows the service provider to remotely add and update access rights and other digital services in a secure way.

In the Criotive dashboard, the administrator can easily set up groups of locks and users, and grant, prolong or revoke access rights for groups or individual users. When a new user is added to the system, the user is invited via email or text message to download the Criotive app. The access rights are then transferred to the smartphone, keycard or wearable by Bluetooth Low Energy or Near-field communication, and are instantly ready to use.

Access is granted for a specific period of time or indefinitely. Access can also be logged, creating a record which is easy to check when needed. If a smartphone, keycard or wearable is lost, access rights can be revoked without any hardware action or impact.

What kind of applications is Criotive for?

Criotive is suitable for diverse applications: healthcare, hospitality, stores and offices – wherever access needs to be restricted to authorized personnel, residents or customers.

Criotive can for example be used in residential care to manage staff access to buildings, rooms and medical lockers. Similar solutions are available for sports stadiums, shops, offices, hotels and theme parks.

What advantages does Criotive offer over competing solutions?

  • Criotive is hardware independent: it manages locks from all manufacturers in one solution with one dashboard and one over-the-air interface. No need to buy new costly hardware from one single manufacturer. No need for multiple administration systems and interfaces.
  • Creative has very high security; creating a virtual tunnel where data is transferred between the service provider and the end user.
  • Criotive is fully scalable, and manages an unlimited number of users and access points simultaneously.
  • Administrators save time since they no longer have to program and distribute physical cards, and end users no longer have to physically collect or update their access rights in a central office. It is all securely handled over-the-air.


What type of companies can benefit from Criotive?

Service providers of digital credentials such as virtual keys, access rights, identification, tickets and payments. One example is manufacturers of digital locks, who want to offer customers a complete access solution using Criotive as a powerful tool for efficient key administration.

Who is the typical end user?

Visitors, patients and staff in residential care; employees in offices or retails stores, hotel guests; staff and visitors at theme parks and sport stadiums. Note that above the level of end user, there will always be an administrator using the Criotive dashboard to distribute access rights to end users.

Is this service available to service providers?

Criotive is already a commercial solution that Sony Network Communication Europe offers via partners.

Where do I find more information?

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