IoT Provisioning

Secure, over-the-air provisioning of certificates and keys to IoT devices

IoT Provisioning

Secure, over-the-air provisioning of certificates and keys to IoT devices

Zero vulnerability 

Full security in any scenario

The number of connected devices is increasing fast, but security is a step behind, leaving countless devices vulnerable to malicious actors and cyberattacks. Criotive’s IoT Provisioning solution solves this problem, providing you with a secure information channel, secure storage of keys and certificates, and an easy way to add, update or revoke them as needed.

The certificate managed remotely

No more certificate outages

Avoid the time-consuming process of manually installing new certificates in your IoT devices when the old ones expire. With our provisioning solution, the entire certificate lifecycle can be managed remotely, via the devices’ secure element.

Automated certificate updates

Automated certificate updates

If you’re looking to automate the certificate update procedure, Criotive’s provisioning solution paves the way - reducing your workload, cutting costs and minimising the risks of human error.

Any connectivity, any device

Any connectivity, any device

IoT devices leverage a variety of different connectivity options. Some are SIM-based and use cellular connectivity, others rely on Wifi, cable connections or BLE. The Criotive solution is suitable for any connected device with a secure element.

How does it work?

Criotive scripts are encrypted with a key that is only known to the Criotive identity and provisioning applet. And this applet creates a secure channel to the Criotive transport security applet – which means that messages and responses are always secure.


Secure data with the Sony IoT Provisioning solution
Leveraging the secure element - devices

Leveraging the secure element

Criotive’s provisioning solution communicates directly with the secure element in your device. This provides the highest level of security, since session keys are generated without the keys or certificates ever becoming visible – not even to the device itself.

Easy integration for multiple vendors

Easy integration

Our secure IoT Provisioning solution is easily integrated with IoT management systems from multiple vendors. We create and deliver the software infrastructure needed to make your credentials updates securely and supply a full description of how our applet works.

Criotive´s IoT Provisioning

A solution from Sony to improve security

IoT platform providers

Benefits for IoT platform providers, operators and system integrators:

  • For existing IoT management systems
  • Communicates over secure channel
  • Secure storage of certificates and keys
  • Revoke and update expired certificates securely
  • Enables automated certificate updates
  • Complement to the IoT SAFE standard
  • Works for devices with or without a SIM card


Benefits for any business that relies on connected devices and their security:

  • Authentication based on credentials in secure element
  • Secure channel to IoT devices, to manage certificate lifecycle of installed base
  • All types of connectivity (and IoT devices) possible
  • Enables shorter certificate validity time – further increasing security

IoT device manufacturers

Benefits for both manufacturers and suppliers or resellers of IoT devices:

  • Preparing IoT devices for Transport Layer Security (TLS) sessions and certificate storage
  • Enable secure certificate updates of your devices
  • Potential to become a premium provider - offering customers additional IoT services
  • Suppliers or resellers of IoT devices; buy bulk from manufacturers and add IoT provisioning capabilities

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