Criotive – smart access solution

Visit us with SAG at digitalBAU Feb 11 -13, stand H7.405

Criotive – smart access solution

Visit us with SAG at digitalBAU Feb 11 -13, stand H7.405

Get a step ahead. Get Criotive!

Discover cloud-based access management

In February, we’re showcasing Criotive – a smart, cloud-based solution that promises to bring your access management system into the IoT age. Easily integrated with SAG electronic locks, Criotive is available for architects and construction companies to start deploying now.

In practice

With the Criotive software installed on top of your lock hardware, a building administrator can grant or revoke access rights to groups or individual users via the Criotive dashboard. When a new user is added to the system, he or she is invited to download the Criotive app via email or text message. Access rights can then be sent securely over the air for transfer from a smartphone to a card, or directly to a wearable device via NFC or BLE for immediate use.

Security, with a light hand

With Criotive, property owners can gain full control over access and tighten security without the need for strong-arm tactics like security guards. If a janitor, for example, attempts to enter a building outside their normal working hours, access will simply be denied. As for data security, information travels between the access management system’s backend and the end-user’s smartphone via an encrypted channel. Data is never visible to outsiders but managed entirely in a black box by the service provider.

Unbeatable precision

The big advantage of Criotive cloud-based access management is that it enables a finely tuned approach. Building administrators can choose exactly who gets access, where and when, down to the last second. And they can make changes at any time, on the fly. This is a far cry from access management systems of the past, when the only two options were go or no-go.

Scalable and future proof

Since Criotive is a software service, it will be continuously up-dated and new functionality added over time. As more buildings are completed, the system can be expanded effortlessly to accommodate them. There is essentially no limit to the number of users and access points the access management system can handle.

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