Discover the new way to lock and track shipments

Digital padlocks from Nokē-Criotive

Discover the new way to lock and track shipments

Digital padlocks from Nokē-Criotive

Swedish reseller brings new digital padlocks to enterprise market.

ACSS Lås has signed a Reseller Agreement with Sony’s Criotive platform for an initial period of three years. This means they will be able to offer the Criotive access management solution for enterprises, not only with electronic locks, but also with the Nokē heavy duty smart padlocks that are designed to work in extreme conditions and harsh environments.

The padlocks themselves come from Nokē, a cutting-edge, Utah-based tech company that’s revolutionising the physical security industry with transformative smartlock hardware and software solutions. Nokē already has a Technical Partnership Agreement with Criotive, and a Reseller Agreement with ACSS Lås. The three companies will be working closely together to assure functionality and quality.


Advantages for customers in logistics and contracting

One possible user scenario is freight forwarding and logistics companies, who can use the new padlock to lock up any shipment and keep it locked and tracked until it reaches its destination. This means goods are fully secured during transport and, at the receiving end, only an authorized member of staff gets the virtual digital key sent to their mobile phone. To further increase security, the key to open up a shipment can be sent after the goods’ arrival has been confirmed.

Another is contractors working remotely. Instead of using physical keys, an authorised person gets a digital key sent securely to his/her mobile phone. This gives them access rights (via Bluetooth Low Energy) that cannot be copied or stolen and the cloud-based system records who has opened the lock, and when.

Flexible system

The flexible system allows keys to be sent out and revoked on demand and is issued with tight validity constraints. Administrators have a web-based interface that gives full visibility of key management. They can see which padlocks are active and where, who has received keys, their respective validity periods, user histories and more.


New business opportunities – a triple win

Remote access management offers excellent potential for business growth. By working together, all three companies are able to reach new customers. Nokē is making inroads into the enterprise market which will increase its hardware sales; Sony is strengthening its portfolio with a new solution based on the Criotive platform, and ACSS is gaining an advantage over its competitors (most of whom currently target the consumer market) by offering an enterprise-scale access management system with end-to-end security.


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