Continuous logistics tracking

Continuous and individual goods tracking moves logistics to next level

Continuous logistics tracking

Continuous and individual goods tracking moves logistics to next level

Developing smarter logistics with continuous tracking

October 22, 2019

Today the globalisation of the business world, including e-commerce, has made logistics more important and more complicated than ever. While we definitely live in the information age, the logistics industry players still spend a lot of resources chasing confirmations about cargo location and estimated time of arrival. The goods owner and recipient worry about goods arriving damaged due to shocks or, in the case of sensitive cargo, whether temperatures have reached critical levels during transit.

While vehicle tracking is nothing new, it does not provide information about dropped and damaged cargo, temperature impact, reloads that confuse and distort tracking and estimated time of arrival. But now there is a solution: By tracking individual items of cargo, all involved get correct and timely information on the whereabouts of the cargo. With satellite tracking and sensors for temperature and shock, they get much more than simplistic vehicle tracking information. By enabling IoT via the global mobile network, we gain end-to-end, uninterrupted information about every individual object en route.

Visilion – a tracking solution that improves delivery accuracy

This is how the Visilion’s logistics system works: a tracker is placed on each individual item of cargo, and the tracker connects to the global mobile network. Thanks to the continuous connection the web cloud interface – goods owners, freight forwarders and haulers can follow each individual package in real-time. The backend interface automatically calculates estimated time of arrival, and alerts when a late delivery is forecasted.

Besides real-time location and route information, Visilion generates information on temperature and shock detection, very important for temperature-critical and fragile goods. With these sensors, the goods owner gets peace of mind when things goes as planned, and advance warnings and time to respond when they don’t.

Visilion for logistics is a cargo tracking system, and it has:

  • Easy, yet flexible installation
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Fully scalable
  • Secure cloud solution
  • Seamless tracker onboarding
  • Prepared with APIs for simple integration with existing Enterprise Resource Planning and Transportation Management System
  • Extensive report and KPI functionality


Learn more about the future of logistics with Visilion: