Are your connected medical devices secure?

The more you have, the greater the risk

Are your connected medical devices secure?

The more you have, the greater the risk

Criotive's solution secures your IoMT communication 

Unless data and assets can be easily and securely protected, the proliferation of the Medical IoT (IoMT) becomes a gold mine for criminals, and a nightmare for care providers. Based on the Criotive platform, Sony’s IoT provisioning solution establishes a secure channel for communication to and from connected devices – making it an important part of the armoury in your fight to protect health data from malicious actors.

The benefits of medical IoT are huge...

The world of medical IoT includes a whole range of things such as sensors and diagnostic and imaging devices. Indeed, many healthcare providers rely on connected devices to guarantee the safety of their patients and optimise their processes and, in doing so, ensure high-quality, affordable healthcare services.

Their ability to continually access a range of critical parameters not only provides healthcare practitioners with new, efficient ways to monitor patients; it also gives them access to observation data that helps them improve prognoses and recommend more effective interventions.

...but so are the security risks...

The valuable reserves of data (medical and private) provided by extensive IoT-based infrastructures are a prime target for cybercriminals, and breaches of protected health information are becoming increasingly common. While healthcare providers have a duty to ensure that patients’ medical data and interactions to and from their medical devices are not compromised, stolen health data is a marketable asset in the criminal world.

As the number of connected medical devices proliferates, so do the risks and the endpoints that need to be managed and secured. Any IoT device is a potential ‘attack vector’ into which malicious code can be injected. This is also true of non-medical devices like temperature sensors in a hospital building, as several high-profile cyberattacks have shown.

A security breach can leave an organisation with a damaged reputation and accusations of negligence. In the worst-case scenario, patient data falling into the wrong hands can quite literally be a matter of life and death for the patient concerned.

Security starts with device design

Research shows that security has not always been top-of-mind for device manufacturers, and is often compromised by a failure to build in certificate lifecycle management from the start. This is gradually changing as they begin to realise that IoT products need to be ‘secure by design’. This includes secure production, secure provisioning of root keys and certificates during manufacturing, secure mastering and a foundation for secure updates.

Certificate management, solved

Secure provisioning of device credentials and the regular updating of certificates are now recognised as a core security function of IoT devices. By being an integral part of the ‘root of trust’ during manufacture/production, Criotive’s solution ensures security is built in from the start. It establishes a security chain for communication with the device through over-the-air authentication, using keys and certificates – thereby keeping data safe throughout the device’s life time.

Criotive’s solution also enables device certificates to be updated automatically rather than manually – so that devices continue to communicate securely and to function as intended, without their owners needing to take any action.

Maybe you’re one of the many healthcare providers who is becoming aware of the security risks inherent in their IoT ecosystems and concerned that they need to be addressed before it’s too late. If so, we urge you to get in touch and learn more about how Criotive’s solution can help your business.

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