Come visit!

IoT World Congress, Barcelona D460 (Hall 2)

Come visit!

IoT World Congress, Barcelona D460 (Hall 2)

IoT World Congress, Barcelona, October 29-31 (2019)

Two teams from Sony Network Communications Europe will be attending the IoT World Congress in Barcelona. Below, read about Visilion and mSafety, and how they help a wide range of businesses through powerful IoT technologies.


Visilion – easy tracking in logistics and healthcare

Visilion, for logistics, is a service for goods owners, freight forwarders and haulers who want to keep track of the location and condition of their goods during transit. ‘Is my lorry load of consumer electronics stuck at customs?’ ‘Was it affected by last night’s storm?’ With the Visilion cloud-based tracking and analytics service, you never need to wonder again. All the key events in the transport chain are monitored and presented via a simple interface, so you know! 

Studies show that nurses and doctors often waste time searching for equipment. Visilion, for healthcare, is a real-time positioning service that highlights the location of tagged items on a user-friendly digital map. It makes things and people easy to find, even if they are on a different floor or in a different building. Less time looking for things; more time for people.

Come and discover how Visilion improves both your short-term results and your long-term business planning.


mSafety – taking the ‘search’ out of ‘search and rescue’

What do you do if you run into trouble while kitesurfing? The SafeTRX team at 8 West Consulting joined forces with the mSafety team from Sony to answer this question. Our collaboration led to the development of a new tracking service, complete with a real-time connected wearable (featuring ALT1250 and CXD5602) and a backend cloud solution for administration, which effectively takes the ‘search’ out of ‘search-and-rescue’ activities. Find out how mSafety improves peace of mind in outdoor sports and a multitude of other applications.


Find us at the conference

Visit stand D460 for more info and live demos of Visilion and mSafety from Sony.


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