On-time vaccine deliveries with Visilion

Visilion tells you exactly where they are

On-time vaccine deliveries with Visilion

Visilion tells you exactly where they are

Visilion helps secure on-time vaccine deliveries

Vaccines hopefully spell the end to Covid-19 and the lockdown that it has imposed. As millions of doses are distributed worldwide, it’s important for vaccination centres to know when vaccines will arrive to expedite vaccination and help bring the world back to normal. Visilion trackers are part of that solution in some regions.



Sony has started, together with a logistics company, a trial for quality assurance of vaccine distribution in a major European country. Trucks equipped with Visilion, Sony’s asset and cargo tracking solution, report the exact position of the shipments in real-time. Knowing where the vaccine is, and exactly when it will be delivered is crucial for planning and rollout of the vaccine to as many people as possible – in the shortest time possible.


Continuous monitoring

Several of the current vaccines have a limited storage and transport life, which makes it more important to streamline processes and reporting to know exactly where goods are. Visilion trackers are used to provide real-time shipment data – to mitigate risks and proactively work to deliver vaccine shipments with minimum disruption to distribution centres.

Quality assured

Vaccine suppliers are setting up detailed logistical plans and tools to support effective vaccine transport and storage. An integral part of this is the information tracking solutions like Visilion supply. Knowing exactly where goods are, their arrival times and immediate notification of any disruption on route assures quality and aids planning to get the vaccines to people reliably and quickly.


More than just route tracking 

Visilion trackers are now being used to supervise the effective distribution of vaccine. But they can do more, like monitoring temperature variations or shocks and tilts which can add an extra level of security in supply chains.

For more information about the Visilion solution from Sony Network Communications Europe and how it can quality assure your supply chain, contact us here.


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