Smart tracking powered by worldwide connectivity

Real-time insights into equipment and cargo

Smart tracking powered by worldwide connectivity

Real-time insights into equipment and cargo

Visilion asset tracking and the Telenor Connexion partnership 

Visilion brings together highly granular information with advanced data processing and sharing capabilities. Unlimited global connectivity is provided by Telenor Connexion – a partner that also brings valuable experience in service delivery, customer support and consulting.

Erik Lund, head of Visilion says, “Telenor Connexion has been at the forefront in supporting IoT connectivity with global coverage, which makes them a very strong collaboration partner for us. Additionally, they intend to play an important role in the future development of the IoT ecosystem.”


Visilion for logistics

In logistics, timely tracking enables greater precision and optimises the combination of just-in-time and just-in-case methodologies to improve productivity. It gives users a whole new level of control over their supply chain, enabling them to keep deliveries flowing smoothly while at the same time reducing costs. Furthermore, functionality such as alerts for route deviations and physical shocks help minimise losses.

The quality and timeliness of the information provided by Visilion also helps strengthen communication and trust with customers and meets both internal governance and external supply chain requirements.

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Visilion for healthcare

The Visilion solution for healthcare is a complete real-time location system (RTLS) that pinpoints the location of shared equipment such as ventilators, wheelchairs or ECG machines on a digital map.

It allows hospitals to improve patient care by helping to avoid delays or errors, and it also reduces the frustrations experienced by staff.

Perhaps even more importantly, hospital managers can extract aggregated usage data from the system to verify workflow assumptions, improve productivity and inform purchase decisions. Visilion is not just an RTLS; it’s a strategic tool.

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Experts in connectivity for an easier way to IoT  

The partnership with Telenor Connexion enables enterprises to deploy future proof IoT asset tracking systems. Thanks to a range of cellular connectivity technologies from 2G to 4G and NB-IoT to Cat-M1, objects can be tracked everywhere. Visilion can even switch between indoor and outdoor tracking with data and updates from cloud-based services. Location accuracy and precision are determined by the quality of the network signal and coverage.

Interested in up-to-date analysis of established and emerging technologies for your IoT project? Telenor Connexion recently released a 2020 edition of the Connectivity Technologies for IoT report addressing the importance of selecting the most suitable connectivity technology. Download the third edition of the report here.

With the global mobile IoT market poised to continue to grow at an annual rate of around 20% in the years to come (Source: Berg Insight, 2020) we are proud to be working with one of the top IoT operators.

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