Webinar: IoT and the next generation of supply chains with Sony and Telenor

Webinar: IoT and the next generation of supply chains with Sony and Telenor

Access to real-time data is more vital than ever

In the spring of 2020, logistics managers around the world found themselves in a deeply troubling situation. The global pandemic was causing stops and uncertainty in supply chains on a scale previously unknown. Those with a digitalised supply chain – and consequently with access to real-time data – fared better than those without.

As we gradually emerge from the dark tunnel of corona, what can companies do to strengthen their supply chains for the future? By taking advantage of IoT connectivity and advanced tracking technologies, they can build more agile and resilient systems which will be decisive for their future competitiveness and business success.

Webinar on supply chain digitalisation

On February 25th 2021, the head of Sony’s Tracking division, Erik Lund, joined Svante Svanberg from Telenor Connexion to make the case for digitalisation of supply chains. In the webinar, Erik Lund explains the many ways in which Sony’s Visilion solution empowers logistics managers with the information they need to keep goods flowing as efficiently as possible.

With connected devices expected to rise from hundreds of millions to billions over the next few years, smart tracking is becoming a clear expectation for asset owners and companies transporting high-value goods. “Tracking used to be a nice to have; now it’s seen as a need to have,” says Erik.

Erik describes how asset tracking and supply chain visibility solution supports companies transporting time critical spare parts or medical supplies, sensitive goods, and valuable items like consumer electronics. And how location tracking capabilities complemented with condition monitoring can provide more detailed information about route deviations, shocks, tilts and temperature changes.

Besides keeping goods flowing, today’s logistics managers also have to be on top of the demands from regulatory authorities, to manage risks like theft, cold chain breaches and damage to goods, as well as providing their customers’ with a steady stream of up-to-date information.

Smarter tracking is a 'need to have'

Realtime supply chain monitoring solution makes all of this possible. In addition, it allows companies to reduce the environmental impacts of their transport operations. This is increasingly important for the growing body of environmentally-conscious consumers who demand sustainable products backed up by a responsible, sustainable supply chain. As Erik concludes, “With access to data, it is easier for companies to calculate their emissions, and consequently to minimise them."

In the webinar the participants were able to engage in a poll, answering the question “Are you using an IoT solution for your supply chain today?


“Are you using an IoT solution for your supply chain today?


Watch the 30 min webinar recording and also find out how the audience answered in the poll.


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