What do logistics and plumbing have in common?

What do logistics and plumbing have in common?

In a recent Makers and Movers panel debate, Erik Lund, head of the Visilion team, grabbed the audience’s attention with an unexpected comment. He compared logistics to the plumbing in your house. Let’s figure out what it means.


Summary: Makers and Movers panel

The panel at Makers and Movers 2021 was dedicated to supply chain visibility. During the panel, Erik Lund explained that logistics has long been under-prioritised. Typically, companies have focused on cost-metrics, and on achieving a long, cheap, almost single-string supply chain. However, developments over the last 18 months have forced many companies to revisit the subject.

Several disruptive and structural events have shown how little it takes to create chaos in the global economy. As Erik said, “Supply chain and logistics are the backbone of the global economy, and we are now all painfully aware of how delicate the system is.” 


And this is where plumbing comes in…

”Like the plumbing in your house, when it works, logistics is out of sight and out of mind.
When it doesn't, it suddenly becomes very apparent how much it impacts your household’s wellbeing,” continued Erik.


Resilience and agility

For this reason, it has become a priority for corporations to build greater resilience into their supply chains by considering sourcing and routing patterns, and stock levels of critical components. At the same time, they want to boost agility in order to be able to act fast and mitigate the consequences or limit the damage when further disruptions occur.


Real-time tracking

To support these ambitions, connected, real-time tracking solutions offer visibility into the supply chain, providing companies with the insights they need to make quick decisions in the moment and informing their logistics strategies in the long term.


Learn more about how your logistics operations can benefit from real-time tracking technologies… and be less like plumbing.