Makers & Movers discussion: Supply chain professionals talk visibility

Makers & Movers discussion: Supply chain professionals talk visibility

At the recent Makers and Movers event, a panel of supply chain professionals discussed the past year of crisis. The experts included Radu Palamuria, Managing Director at Alcott Global; Erik Lund, Head of the Tracking Division, Visilion, at Sony; Nihal Mokdad, Director of Supply Chain Excellence – Global Emerging Markets at Mars; and Daniel Stanton, known as Mr. Supply Chain.

The focus of the panel was how supply chain visibility can help businesses navigate these trying times. The global pandemic, the blockage of the Suez Canal, labour shortages and worker strikes have led many businesses to re-evaluate the importance of their supply chain. More particularly, many businesses have realised how limited their visibility into their supply chain truly is.

The importance of this visibility is becoming increasingly clear. It is a huge advantage to understand what is happening at every level of your supply chain operations – from manufacturing to logistics. The availability of data-based insights simplifies a business’ ability to make the right decisions. Equally important is having these insights at the right time. When new challenges arise, direct visibility of supply chain operations means making informed choices rather than taking a shot in the dark.

While supply chain managers around the world focus their energy on increasing visibility and building resilience, there are still many unanswered questions. What lessons can we learn from the past year? What is the best way forward?

The panel discussion on visibility at the Makers and Movers event provides answers. This is the perfect panel for any supply chain professional looking to understand:

  • The positive changes that have occurred in the supply chain over the past year
  • Whether or not it is possible to form long-term relationships with supply chain partners
  • The role of culture and values in the supply chain
  • How to deal with the mental and physical exhaustion of supply chain workers during crisis

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