7 reasons why a more sustainable supply chain is good for business

7 reasons why a more sustainable supply chain is good for business

Transitioning to a sustainable supply chain is a large undertaking, but we all know that it is necessary… and becoming increasingly urgent. The good news is that the interests of the planet are fully aligned with your business interests. Optimising your logistics operations is not only a sustainable choice but also a smart financial choice.


More efficient routes

The ability to streamline logistics operations – with more fuel-efficient modes of transport, shorter routes and minimal detours – benefits the environment as well as your bottom line.

However, it isn’t an easy task without full visibility over your operations. Making smart changes to the supply chain requires concrete data and analytics. Visilion’s IoT-based tracking solution provides you with the tools needed to optimise routes. It generates real time data so you can respond to issues as they happen, and analysis to inform your long-term strategy.

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Reduce product waste

In 2019, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations estimated that around 14% of food is lost between harvest and retail*. This includes food in storage and transit. Reducing food waste would mean reducing emissions and making it possible to feed more people. It would be good for the planet and consumers, as well as the businesses that lose money with each spoiled shipment.

Condition monitoring is the solution. In other words, checking that your goods are handled safely and correctly at all stages of the supply chain. With sensors to monitor temperature, shocks and tilts, Visilion lets you track the condition of sensitive shipments in real time. This applies not only perishable goods, but to all kinds of sensitive product, including pharmaceuticals and electronic equipment – helping you reduce waste at the same time as saving money.

Deliver time critical goods on time

In many industries, time is of the essence and any delay can cause further waste of resources. For example, if delivering a crucial spare part to a manufacturing plant, a delay could lead to the machines standing still, lost time and wasted product.

Visilion assists your business in handling such time-sensitive operations. You and your customers can be immediately notified of any difficulty or deviation – perhaps winning the time needed to avoid a production stop. Should a delay become unavoidable, Visilion can help you respond effectively.

In the case of highly urgent shipments, Visilion flight mode allows you to track goods sent by air. They do not need to be unaccompanied by a human being, which reduces transport emissions as well as saving money on plane tickets.

Increase customer satisfaction

To handle disturbances in the supply chain, you need to be aware of those disturbances in the first place. Today, many logistics managers have no way of knowing that a product has been exposed to shocks or temperature variations during transit.

Visilion’s advanced monitoring system provides accurate and detailed insight into the condition of cargos, in real-time. It lets you to respond to deviations and get better control over product quality upon arrival.

Perhaps even more crucially, Visilion allows you to keep customers informed every step of the way, building trust through good communication and transparency. It goes without saying that satisfied customers are more likely to return and to recommend your services to others.


Be a more attractive employer

While making career choices, Millennials and Gen Z employees are increasingly looking at the sustainability platforms of their prospective employers. They want to know that their own values will be respected and reflected. And, once they find a good match, they are likely to be committed to the firm – with obvious benefits to your business.


Build a trustworthy brand

Today a company’s ‘license to operate’ must be more than just a profit motive. What excites the modern consumer is a sense of real innovation and an environmentally responsible approach to operations. A company that is committed to and transparent about adapting to the requirements of climate change can more easily build trust in the market.


Meet your sustainability targets

Last but not least, every company has targets to meet. This includes your company’s own sustainability targets, either as part of ISO 140001 environmental certification, or simply to keep up with legislation.

Reaching your targets is near impossible without full awareness of operations. Visilion provides you with the data you need to fully understand your supply chain and, on that basis, allows you to track your company’s progress towards set goals.


Ready to take the next step?

In logistics as in so many other areas, environmental and business benefits go hand in hand. A smart tracking solution like Visilion lets you can get on top of the data and make better informed daily decisions, as well as improving your long-term sustainability and profitability.




*The FAO's "State of Food and Agriculture 2019": http://www.fao.org/3/ca6030en/ca6030en.pdf