Cargo condition monitoring
Know what shape your shipments are in.

Why is condition monitoring so important in logistics? Without an advanced monitoring system in place, logistics managers have no way of knowing whether goods have been kept at the correct temperature during their journey to the end customer. Neither do they know if their cargos have been handled carefully or exposed to shocks and impacts en route. All these things have an impact on the quality and usability of the goods when they arrive, and ultimately, on customer satisfaction.


Visilion smart tracking solves this

Visilion is Sony’s smart, IoT-based solution for continuously monitoring the condition of cargo during transport.. Physical trackers are attached to the shipment, and they continuously upload data to a cloud service. This data is then analysed and made available to users via the web interface. Thanks to Visilion, supply managers know exactly what’s going on during transport and exactly what shape their shipments will arrive in.​


Temperature monitoring

The Sony trackers are equipped with temperature detection sensors. Should the temperature of a cargo rise of fall outside the designated safe envelope, a notification is sent automatically to the supply chain manager, who can then decide how to respond. In some cases, it may be enough to warn the end customer that there may be an issue with their order; in others, a new shipment may be the only answer.

Cold chain distribution of perishable foodstuffs is perhaps the most obvious example of where this feature comes into play, but there are many others. For instance, electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, and temperature sensitive chemicals all face temperature risks in the supply chain.

Shock and tilt​

Sensitive cargos like electronic equipment or soft fruits are easily damaged when exposed to shocks and tilts. Whilst the Visilion tracking system cannot prevent such incidents from happening, it can send the supply manager an immediate notification – making it possible to investigate the severity of the situation and either remove the damaged goods or send a new shipment right away.

If the supply manager spots a correlation between a particular carrier and rough handling of cargo, that’s useful information for future planning.
In addition, shocks and tilts can also be a sign that goods are being diverted or stolen. Once again, timely information - a shock & tilt notification combined with visual tracking on the digital map – gives the supply manager a chance to respond fast.


Light detection​

If a shipping crate or container is opened during its journey, and the tracker is exposed to daylight, this is a clear signal that something has happened. It could mean many things. For example, that valuable items are being stolen, or that customs officers are investigating the contents of your cargo, or that a hard jolt has worried the driver that some damage might have occurred. Whichever of these possible scenarios is the case, the supply manager will be alerted to the light exposure and get a chance to investigate.


Delivery alone is not enough

Condition monitoring and access to condition data makes it possible for supply managers to minimise or even avoid supply chain disruptions all together.

The condition data can also be made available to end customers, increasing satisfaction by building mutual confidence and trust. All the links in the supply chain also need to be confident that the shipment will arrive in the right condition: wholesome, safe and fully functional.


6 reasons to choose Visilion for real-time tracking

Complete, turnkey solution​

Visilion is a business-ready, end-to-end solution that includes the platform, trackers and user interface.​

Ease of use​

There’s no need for installation or onboarding. The user interface is intuitive, and APIs allow for easy integration with all major ERP or TMS systems.​

Tracker design​

The slimline trackers are easily attached to or placed inside shipping crates. Their bright colour makes them easy to see and find.

Tracker engineering​

The battery in Visilion trackers are optimised and can last for up to 90 days. ​The trackers work globally thanks to best-in-class connectivity.​

Data & analytics​

Visilion provides the industry’s most comprehensive real-time data. Information can be sliced and diced in different ways and reports generated to share with partners.​

Multimodal visibility ​

Visilion enables customers to track and monitor cargo on all four modes of transport – road, rail, sea and air – making the supply chain agile, resilient and sustainable​

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