Customer story – automotive manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment

This manufacturer serves a global customer base, using freight forwarders, transport companies, and logistics providers to ship forklift trucks to customers in Europe and elsewhere. They wanted to create a better customer experience by providing real-time visibility of deliveries and more reliable, up-to-date ETA calculations. They chose Visilion from Sony which provides positioning data throughout the vehicles’ journey. It gives a clear indication of when an item has left the production site, as well as real-time updates along the way and an estimated arrival time.


While most freighting companies offer some form of tracking, it usually only extends to a notification that the goods have been sent, not continuous updates during the shipment’s journey. Customer satisfaction is critical to any business, but particularly to a reputable and international manufacturer such as this one. However, improving the customer experience in regard to shipments is difficult without the right tools in place.


This manufacturer is now using Sony’s cargo and asset tracking solution, Visilion to follow goods throughout their journey to customers. Real-time position and condition monitoring provide their customers with a detailed picture of each shipment. This has numerous benefits, including immediate notification of delays or disruptions (allowing plans to be adjusted), and analytics to optimise future shipments. Even more importantly for this company, shipment data can easily be shared with customers, thus significantly improving the customer experience.



This automotive manufacturer’s customers can now follow deliveries of their new vehicles. With the help of our solution, they are kept up-to-date with the latest information on expected delivery times, as well as being notified of any unexpected delays or disruptions. Thanks to us, this manufacturer now has the tools in place to build more transparency and trust with its customers.

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