Customer story – freight forwarder - Northern Europe and Asia

This company provides freight, shipping and logistics management services in Northern Europe and Asia. All of their logistics and transport solutions are designed with sustainability in mind. They use Visilion to control one key customer’s frozen food shipments, and to ensure that safety & quality requirements are met.


Sending thousands of shipments around the world annually, using all transport modes, this company’s operations are truly ‘global’. Successfully shipping a broad range of cargos, each with different requirements, requires close attention to detail. One key customer produces frozen food in Europe, and uses the freight company to transport its products to Mexico and Australia. Moving temperature-sensitive goods demands tight control over the conditions in transit. If the cargo’s temperature rises above a certain level it is at risk of being spoiled. Careful planning and monitoring is needed to avoid such losses.



By using Visilion real-time tracking solution, the company can monitor the temperature inside its containers during transit. This way, they can ensure frozen food remains frozen, and get immediate notifications if the case of a deviation. Everyone involved can rest assured that the food is being transported under safe conditions and will be fit for sale and consumption on arrival.


Being able to monitor the temperature of cargo in transit leads to two main benefits. First, prompt action in the case of a cold chain failure helps prevent food waste; second, with access to accurate data, the producer and receiver can be confident their goods comply with safety standards.

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