Customer story – food & beverage equipment manufacturer

In order to minimise downtime at its customers’ production sites, the technical services department of this firm aims to tackle equipment issues as quickly as possible. Using the Visilion tracking service helps them coordinate spare parts deliveries, and hence get customers’ equipment back on track that much faster.



Getting production equipment up and running after a line stop requires access to the right spare parts, as well as an on-site technician to install them. Since every moment of idle time costs money, speed is of the essence. Resolving issues successfully depends on strong communication between partners, and a well-oiled supply chain to ensure reliable spare parts deliveries. Disruptions and delays in the supply chain prevent technicians from doing their job, and cause frustration for customers as they watch precious production time and product go to waste.



This equipment manufacturer was previously only getting limited information from a handful of RFID scanning points. They chose Visilion in order to get both the location and the condition of machine components or critical spare parts throughout their journey. With Visilion, both the sender and the on-site technician can track the progress of deliveries in real time, so they all know if there are problems. And when the shipment arrives, the on-site technician can literally meet the parcel at the door.



For this company, coordinating spare parts deliveries is no longer a worry. With the help of Visilion, on-site technicians are always informed of delivery status, which means they can communicate clearly with customers and reassure them that help is on its way. The access to and sharing of real-time information not only strengthens business relationships, but also reduces stress for all those involved.

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