Customer story – manufacturer of farm machinery

This company makes equipment for dairy and farming at several production sites around the world and distributes its machines to a global customer base. Thanks to the real-time asset tracking solution Visilion, they now enjoy the many benefits that come from full visibility into their supply chain.



As a manufacturer of farm machinery and machine parts, this company’s shipments often contain equipment that is sensitive to bumps and jolts in transport and rough handling at loading bays. Their primary challenge was therefore to ensure that equipment arrived safely and in good condition. This meant understanding what’s happening during transport, every step of the way from the assembly plant to the customer’s site. In short, supply chain visibility. A further challenge – which the company also hoped to address through greater supply chain visibility – was to increase customer satisfaction with the more timely arrival of goods.



Thanks to Visilion, their supply chain team now has continuous access to relevant data. The tilt & shock sensors on our trackers make it possible to monitor transport conditions in real time and to predict how goods might be affected. Over time, this data can be used to identify patterns in the supply chain and prevent exposing future shipments to risky conditions.

As well as collecting condition data, we also makes it easy to share supply chain information with customers. Both parties therefore have full insight into what’s happening to their goods, door to door.



The information captured by Visilion is helping this company understand its supply chain better. Specifically, tilt & shock data is useful when planning future transports. Historical data on cargo conditions will allow the company to evaluate their shipping options for the future.

Not only that, but they will know what to look for if damages occur. Positioning data makes it possible to identify where and when damages have happened, and which link in the transport chain is responsible. Early results also indicate that sharing data is improving customer satisfaction. Even though problems cannot always be prevented, clear communication helps build trust.

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