Customer story – manufacturer of cooling systems


Among its many cooling products, this leading international manufacturer makes cooling equipment for grocery stores across Europe. This division is using the real-time asset tracking solution Visilion, from Sony, to improve on-time deliveries and to provide customers with up-to-the-minute information.


When installing refrigeration systems, one key job is to get the right parts delivered to the construction site on time. If there’s a delay and the receiver is not informed, workers invariably end up standing around waiting for the goods to arrive. Idle time is costly for the customer, not to mention bad for the manufacturer’s reputation. However, if the carrier and their customer both have access to real time supply chain data, it can be avoided.



To improve the reliability of its deliveries, this manufacturer is now using the tracking solution Visilion. With access to real-time location data, they can follow the progress of shipments continuously. This not only solves day-to-day problems but also generates insights that enable logistics to become more effective in the future. With Visilion, it’s easy to share delivery data, so customers can also be informed of delays and work around them.


With the help of Visilion, this company is able to monitor its shipments closely. They can share up-to-the-minute information with customers, who benefit from accurate ETAs in the form of reduced idle time. This improves customer relations, as well as reinforcing the manufacturer’s brand.

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