Customer story – Scan Global Logistics 

Scan Global Logistics is an international freight forwarder based in Denmark. They provide logistics services that put customer satisfaction above all else. Their mission is to remove customer complexity for even the most complicated logistics challenges. That’s why they use Visilion to track shipments in real time – for an unmatched level of control and premium customer service. 


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Scan Global Logistics wanted to take their in-transit visibility of cargo to the next level. Marcus Bumark, Customer and Development Manager, knew that his team lacked answers to important questions about their shipments. He eventually realised that it often boiled down to one: “How do we know what’s actually happening?” Of course, Scan Global Logistics received information from shippers and other partners, but piecing together these snapshots often wasn't enough. They wanted to remove doubt when it came to critical logistics questions, such as if their shipping requests were fulfilled on time or if unexpected events occurred during shipments.



Scan Global Logistics chose Visilion for its real-time insights, but particularly its seamless multimodal visibility. They ship extensively across all modes of transport and sometimes have sudden, unexpected scheduling changes. That’s why they needed a solution that will always deliver insights – no matter the mode of transport.

With Visilion, Scan Global Logistics can provide a premium service for customers who want to ship high-value cargo. Visilion adds a valuable layer of security by detecting when things go wrong. This helps Scan Global Logistics intervene early to solve problems before they become irreversible. It also provides data to share with customers to help them plan around disruptions. 



Scan Global Logistics will use Visilion to provide a premium logistics service. With Visilion, Scan Global Logistics now have proof that shipping conditions were met.

But more than that, Visilion gives them instant knowledge of when things go wrong – providing a necessary layer of security against technical malfunctions, human error and unfortunate circumstances. If something goes wrong, they can address the issue instantly. Not only that, when shipping conditions are not met, they can prove when and where. They have found this to expediate their claims processes – giving them the information they need to start looking in the right places.

Visilion gives Scan Global Logistics high-speed information which improves their agility and reaction capabilities. It also means they can provide valuable data to customers. If disaster strikes and Scan Global Logistics can’t do anything to intervene, their customers also know instantly. By sharing this data, customers can implement contingency plans at the earliest possible moment – not days or weeks too late.

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