Creating a sustainable supply chain

The driving force behind Visilion is Sony’s commitment to developing technologies that support sustainable business models. Specifically, we want to address the pressing issues of resource use and transport emissions.


Sony's commitment

As an early adopter of science-based environmental targets, the Sony Corporation understands the immense challenge posed by climate change. That is why we have committed to reducing our own environmental footprint to zero by 2050. Achieving an environmentally responsible business will require minimising the footprint of our own products, as well as developing technologies to support other businesses. We are confident that the 'Road to Zero' will be paved with powerful, creative and innovative technologies.


Greener goods transport

As actors in the global supply chain, you have a key role to play in creating a sustainable future. Connecting people and businesses, you have the power to strengthen our planet through a smarter global trade network, and we can help you. We believe that a big part of the solution lies in successfully gathering and analysing data. Through a deeper understanding of transport routes, emissions and losses, you will be able to coordinate your supply chain better – ultimately making it greener and more efficient.

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Mitigate risks and avoid losses

Through intelligent connectivity, Sony’s IoT-based tracking solution Visilion provides the necessary information to move your supply chain into a more sustainable future. It tracks your goods in transit and provides a wealth of data related to their condition and location. This data then serves as a basis for optimising your operations, leading to both economic and environmental savings.

Having access to detailed shipment data can help you determine more fuel-efficient routes or modes of transport. By notifying you if there’s a delay, a route deviation or a significant temperature variation, Visilion allows you to mitigate risks and avoid losses.


Advantages for your customers

There are big potential savings for your customers too. If a crucial spare part is being delivered to a manufacturing plant, for example, time is of the essence. It pays to be fully aware of any delays that might lead to a production stop and product waste. Similarly, if a medical device or temperature sensitive medicine is being transported, all parties benefit from having full visibility into the supply chain. In extreme situations, such as when transporting food or medical aid to victims of famine and war, an efficient and connected supply chain can actually help save lives.


Enabling collaboration

Providing easy ways to share data between supply chain actors, Visilion helps you to work more effectively together, building trust, further mitigating risks and reducing waste. The benefits are tangible; not only for those directly involved, but for society as a whole. 

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Download this briefing to learn why digitalisation is now more important than ever and how companies counter the effects of critical events through greater digitalisation of their supply chain.

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