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Visilion for healthcare helps staff and management to save time and increase productivity by using smart services based on real-time positioning and analytics.  

Visilion – for healthcare

What is Visilion’s healthcare solution and what does it do?

Visilion for healthcare is a complete, user-friendly Real-Time Location System (RTLS) for positioning and tracking of shared equipment. It displays the equipment’s location on a digital map on a computer, tablet or smartphone. The same tracking system can also be used for locating staff and patients.


How does it work?

Visilion comprises hardware, software and a user-friendly cloud-based application which displays location data in computers, tablets and smartphones.

A small BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) tag is fitted to the equipment. Wi-Fi based observers plugged into regular power outlets pick up tracker signals. These observers transform signals into positioning data which is uploaded to the cloud. Location information about every piece of tagged equipment is automatically displayed in real-time on a digital map.


What benefits does Visilion bring to healthcare facilities and nurses?

  • Visilion for healthcare generates data and analytics that help optimise asset flows, improve inventory control and support equipment purchase decisions.
  • Visilion for healthcare facilitates finding life-critical equipment as fast as possible in emergency situations.
  • Visilion for healthcare improves utilisation of existing equipment and helps to ensure that funds are spent on new equipment that is really needed.
  • Visilion for healthcare reduces the time staff spend looking for critical equipment-which can add up to several hours each day.



What’s unique about this solution?

Employees waste valuable time locating movable equipment and critical assets in the workplace, leading to decreased equipment utilization and an inefficient workflow. Visilion for healthcare improves equipment usage by precisely tracking the position of an object. The system can be used for anything from equipment and medical instruments to patients and staff.


What advantages does Visilion offer over competing technologies?

  • BLE trackers are accurate down to 1-3 meters, while GPS trackers are not. Wi-Fi-based tracking does not give the same accuracy, is expensive and works poorly over multiple floors.
  • Observers are easy to install; they can be plugged into a power outlet. RFID systems require more costly implementation and are not part of any common standard. BLE is available on almost all phones and tablets and does not require a dedicated device for monitoring.
  • BLE has a similar range to competing technologies but with considerably reduced power consumption, with a battery lifetime up to 7 years. Competing technologies typically have battery lifetime in weeks or months.
  • No server configuration is required as it is a cloud-based solution. It is easy to tag equipment and designate staff or assets.



Do customers need any special devices or training?

No. The solution includes trackers which you attach to the equipment you want to track, and observers that simply plug into regular power outlets. The trackers communicate with observers that send the information to the cloud. Information about where the equipment is located is presented in a user-friendly way on a screen where staff can easily search for equipment shown on a map. No training is required as the system is so intuitive.


What kind of hospital equipment is Visilion suitable for?

The solution is applicable for all movable equipment in hospitals, such as monitoring devices, patient lifts and special beds.


What problem does it solve?

Hospital professionals spend a lot of time looking for equipment during their working hours. According to a survey conducted by the Nursing Times, more than one third of nurses spend at least an hour during an average hospital shift searching for critical items or equipment. A research project conducted over two years at one of Sweden’s largest university hospitals showed a 63 percent decrease of time spent searching for items or equipment when using Visilion for healthcare.


Where do I find more information?

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