Total tracking power

Here’s how Visilion works

Total tracking power

Here’s how Visilion works

World-class trackers make insights easy

Smart sensors

The trackers are packed with state-of-the-art technology to detect location, temperature, humidity, light, shock and tilt.

Quality design

The slim, mobile-sized trackers can be attached to your freight or movable logistics assets without getting in the way.

Built for reuse

Thanks to high durability (IP67) and a best-in-class battery life, the trackers give you up to 2 years of tracking performance.

Impressive intelligence. Impressive results.

Delivery insights

Access in-transit location insights that support on time deliveries, like dynamic ETAs, late delivery alerts and route deviations.

Safety insights

Stay on top of environmental conditions in transit, like container climate, cargo handling and container openings.

Asset tracking

Track equipment, containers and other physical assets to gain access to valuable real-time utilisation data.

Truly multimodal

Airline certifications, container tracking, GPS and cellular connectivity enable full visibility across air, sea or road or rail.

In-depth analytics

All the insights from Visilion can be processed for a deeper understanding of how to improve your performance.

How to view your data

API integration

Feed logistics insights from Visilion into your TMS, ERP or in-house management platforms using APIs.

Visibility software

Access your data and insights from Visilion via any of our partners’ supply chain visibility (SCV) platforms.

Our platform

Find data, locate trackers, generate reports, view performance analytics and more in the Visilion platform.

Want more technical details?

Find the technical specifications of the Visilion solution for logistics tracking in the PDF download.

Ready to see Visilion in action?

We provide expert-guided demonstrations of the solution.