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Visilion for logistics is an advanced cargo tracking solution based on trackers, sensors and a Cloud service. It allows goods owners, freight forwarders and haulers to gain detailed, real-time insights into the transport chain, and to offer a premium service to their customers.



What is Visilion and what does it do?

Visilion is a cargo tracking solution based on trackers, sensors and a cloud service. It allows goods owners, freight forwarders, carriers and warehouse operators to gain detailed real-time insights into the transport chain, and to offer premium services to their customers.

How does it work?

Visilion comprises an advanced tracker device that collects geospatial information as well as temperature, humidity, acceleration and impact data, and relays it to a cloud-based platform.

The platform reads, consolidates and analyses the information and presents it in an easily navigated user interface. It’s a powerful multi-device tool for planning logistics, where all data and logic generated from Visilion can be implemented in any TMS or ERP system.

What kind of applications is Visilion for?

Visilion is for any company that wants advanced goods tracking. Typical applications are logistics, manufacturing and construction companies, since they will take total control of the flow of the goods.

Typical cases where Visilion makes a big difference are time critical shipments, transporting valuable goods, and shipping sensitive goods.

What benefits does Visilion bring to logistics and manufacturing companies?

It takes the guesswork out of logistics, increases transparency, reduces costs, and gives customers a great service experience. The solution is delivered business-ready and gives users full access and control over ETAs, alerts for delayed deliveries, arrival and departure notifications, positioning data, sampling data, temperature and shock detection.

With Visilion it’s easier than ever for goods owners, freight forwarders, carriers and warehouse operators to gain detailed real-time insights into the transport chain.


Does Sony sell Visilion as a service?

Visilion is a commercial solution currently offered by Sony Network Communications Nordics via partners.

Where is Visilion available?

Visilion is already available in the Nordics, many European countries and the US. It is due to roll out in new markets in 2021.

Where can you track goods using Visilion?

Visilion can be used anywhere in the transport chain, including road, rail, sea and air. The tracker contains wireless connectivity, a gyro, accelerometer, thermometer and onboard sensor interface pads. It transmits information from any location, normally in real-time, except in certain situations such as during a flight. In which case it reverts to flight mode.

What is flight mode?

Visilion’s flight mode automatically suspends outgoing communication that might interfere with the plane’s systems during a flight. The trackers continue to collect data on things like temperature, shock and tilt during the flight. On landing, the tracker automatically resumes communication and starts uploading data to the system so users can check their shipment’s status.

What advantages does Visilion offer?

  • Visilion presents high dynamic ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) predictions, including the ability to analyze location data and provide actionable insights such as automatic way-point detection, route deviation and shock detection.
  • A complete, turnkey, end-to-end solution including device, platform, dashboard and development APIs. It is easy to install and use.
  • It provides goods owners, freight forwarders, carriers and warehouse operators full cargo visibility throughout the entire transport chain. It improves efficiency and reduces costs by tracking transit times, inventory and just-in-time security.
  • Customers can control thefts and losses by getting real-time alerts for route deviation, geo-fencing and detecting shock anomalies.
  • It supports cold-chain management using temperature controls. Visilion provides shock and tilt data. It observes and reports on any stresses, impacts and falls.
  • Visilion reduces manpower for customer/internal support related to tracking & shipment queries, as it automatically supplies the information

Who owns the data that will be available/collected in the system?

Typically, each company owns its own data. We adhere to all local, national and international laws and regulations regarding data capture and data security. Read more here.

Where do I find more information?

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