Real-time asset & cargo tracking
Out of sight. But always visible.

Why is real-time tracking so important in logistics? Logistics managers worry most when their shipments are out of sight. They prefer to know exactly where their goods are at any given time. Even if shipments are held up at a border or due to arrive late, it’s still better to know, so the recipient can be warned of a delay and can put contingency plans into action.


Get in control, with Visilion​

For Visilion users, even when shipments are out of sight, they’re always visible. Sony’s smart, IoT-based tracking solution gives supply managers access to real-time location data on their shipments, and a sense of control over their operations. ​

Robust, slimline Visilion trackers are attached to or placed inside shipping crates or containers. Equipped with GPS sensors, they let users to follow the progress of shipments - whether raw materials or finished goods - at every stage from supplier to customer and beyond. They upload data continuously to a cloud service, where it is analysed and made available via an intuitive web interface.​


Boosting agility and resilience​

Having access to precise positioning information, logistics managers can enjoy continuous visibility of their shipments. Because they know about events as they happen, not hours or even days after, they can respond effectively to delays and deviations.​

If a shipment deviates from its planned route, Visilion generates an automatic alert and shows the deviation on Visilion’s online route map. The driver might have a good reason for the diversion, but it also possible that the shipment has been stolen and, in that case, needs to be investigated right away.​

Access to real-time data also enables managers to juggle different suppliers when necessary, with major benefits for supply chain resilience.

Peace of mind for everyone​

Logistics companies can also make Visilion data available to their customers, which builds mutual confidence and trust and can make a big difference to customer satisfaction. The entire supply chain becomes more robust thanks to increased visibility and control, and the ability to minimise disruption and mitigate risks.​


6 reasons to choose Visilion for real-time tracking

Complete, turnkey solution​

Visilion is a business-ready, end-to-end solution that includes the platform, trackers and user interface.​

Ease of use​

There’s no need for installation or onboarding. The user interface is intuitive, and APIs allow for easy integration with all major ERP or TMS systems.​

Tracker design​

The slimline trackers are easily attached to or placed inside shipping crates. Their bright colour makes them easy to see and find.

Tracker engineering​

The battery in Visilion trackers are optimised and can last for up to 90 days. ​The trackers work globally thanks to best-in-class connectivity.​

Data & analytics​

Visilion provides the industry’s most comprehensive real-time data. Information can be sliced and diced in different ways and reports generated to share with partners.​

Multimodal visibility ​

Visilion enables customers to track and monitor cargo on all four modes of transport – road, rail, sea and air – making the supply chain agile, resilient and sustainable​

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