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Structured methodology, conclusive results

A newly developed trial process makes it more convenient than ever to verify Visilion for your business. You can expect a structured trial methodology and a hands-on tracking experience, for immediate insights and logistics relief. 

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Here’s what you can expect from your trial with Visilion:

  • Supply chain mapping workshop
  • Visilion tracking devices
  • 12 weeks of access to our platform
  • Digital onboarding with a Visilion expert
  • Extensive support throughout the project
  • Post-trial review with your Visilion expert

Who can benefit form Visilion?

  • Businesses with valuable, time-critical and/or sensitive assets or cargo
  • Businesses with complicated and large-scale supply chains
  • Businesses looking for a real-time tracking solution with integrated tilt, shock, temperature, humidity and light exposure monitoring
  • Businesses looking for a complete solution that includes hardware, software, cloud service and a user interface
  • Businesses that need a solution that can be rapidly designed, tested and rolled out at scale