Case story

Dräger - international leader in medical and safety technology

Case story

Dräger - international leader in medical and safety technology

Can real time asset tracking help hospitals run more efficiently?

Sony’s cooperation with Dräger, international leader in medical and safety technology, proves it can

In a large hospital building with departments spread across several floors, staff can’t always find the equipment they need at the moment they need it. ECG machines, infusion pumps and even hospital beds are constantly being moved around. Studies show that staff spend up to 20% of their working time looking for the items they need. This has a severe impact on hospital efficiency and ultimately, on patient care.

Dräger is now using Sony's Visilion platform to provide its healthcare customers with a solution. Using hardware, software and a user-friendly cloud-based application for computers, Visilion provides a constantly updated picture of where things are located in a specific facility. It means staff no longer need to waste time searching for equipment but can easily locate it on a digital map. The map is shown on a dedicated wall-mounted screen, tablet, smartphone or PC.


A powerful tool for optimising resource allocation in healthcare 

The most obvious and immediate benefit of using Visilion is that it saves staff time, but many other advantages follow as a consequence of having clear data on equipment usage. For example, insights generated by the platform enable improved workflows and better investment decisions over time.

Key benefits

  • Easy to tag assets  
  • Intuitive solution, no training required
  • Frees up staff time to improve patient care
  • Optimises asset flows
  • Designed for indoor positioning
  • Supports investment decisions


Want the full story?

Interested in finding out more about how Visilion can help you optimising resource allocation?
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Real-time updates across multiple sites

Visilion is both flexible and scalable. It can be adapted easily to suit different applications, and copes equally well whether installed in a single building or across multiple sites.

Plug-and-play solution

Visilion is easy to install and integrate into the hospital’s existing operations. Staff can get up and running quickly, and they don’t need any special training.

The surface mounted sensors are easy to install