Catering to the new needs and expectations of employees

How to add flexibility and safety to office life

Catering to the new needs and expectations of employees

How to add flexibility and safety to office life

A digital route back to the office


The great ‘corona experiment’ has revealed that working from home is fine for some activities, but no panacea. And experts conclude that – in some form or another – the office will therefore continue to be a feature of working life.


Hybrid is the way forward

Many employers are looking for ways to bring their office spaces into this future. That is why many are exploring new ways of working. This includes incorporating work from home, innovating unique ways to work when employees are at the office or even promoting third-party co-working spaces. No matter what though, every employer understands that promoting some form of hybrid work is the way to go.

A digital solution

To facilitate this flexible way of working, while enabling a safe migration back to the office, organisations are increasingly looking to digital solutions that can help them along. Nimway from Sony is the solution to create a people-centred office space and make hybrid work easy for employers. 

What is a people-centred workplace?

Originally designed to stimulate collaboration between employees and create more efficient workflows throughout the day, Nimway has adapted to the new needs and expectations of employees. This includes additional features to enable hybrid working in the post-Covid era. 

Beyond simple desk and room booking while on the go, the Nimway solution delivers insights to promote low density desk booking, enable touch-free interactions and help facility managers optimise cleaning routines. These new features help organisations follow through on the new policies they have introduced to ensure the safety of employees returning to work.

Guidelines will continue to fluctuate as the pandemic progresses, so it is important for organisations to be able to adapt quickly. This is the type of flexibility that only smart digital tools like Nimway can offer.


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