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Sony Network Communications Nordics filial till Sony Network Communications Europe B.V. (NL) ("Sony", "we" or "us") develops and markets B2B and consumer products and services, including Visilion, mSafety and Nimway ("Service / Services").


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Intellectual Property Rights

Sony recognises the value of Intellectual Property. We secure IPR protection for the results of our development activities and make extensive use of those rights. We also provide training on intellectual property rights for our employees. We are committed to upholding any relevant laws and regulations associated with intellectual property.



Business Ethics

Ethical business conduct and compliance with applicable laws and regulations are fundamental aspects of Sony’s corporate culture. Sony Network Communications Nordics has adopted the Sony Group Code of Conduct to strengthen our corporate conduct and culture. The Code is a part of Sony’s Global Compliance Network, comprising the corporate headquarters, a global compliance leadership team and regional compliance officers around the world. We have a Compliance Hotline System to help ensure that resources are available for employees to raise concerns or seek guidance on legal and ethical matters.



Sony Group Code of Conduct

The Sony Group Code of Conduct was adopted by Sony Corporation in May 2003. The Code of Conduct sets the basic internal standards to be observed by everyone within the Sony Group to emphasise and further strengthen corporate governance, business ethics and compliance systems throughout the Sony Group. In addition to legal and compliance standards, the Code of Conduct sets out the Sony Group’s basic policies concerning ethical business practices and activities on such topics as respect for human rights, safety of products and services, environmental conservation and information disclosure. The Code of Conduct has been adopted and implemented by each Sony Group company globally and is the subject of frequent “tone from the top” messaging and other training.

Compliance Hotline

Sony maintains a Compliance Hotline System, which is a resource for employees to report concerns on ethical matters or seek guidance about possible breaches of laws or internal policies. The Compliance Hotline allows Sony Network Communications Nordics to respond swiftly to potential risks of any such concerns or possible breaches. The Compliance Hotline system is available worldwide and is directly linked to the Corporate Executive Officer in charge of Compliance. It is operated by an external company independently from the ordinary line of command, and callers are protected from retaliation for the report. Summaries of hotline calls, results of investigations and updates on the operation of the system are reported to our Compliance Officer.