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Everything imaginable is getting connected. Delivering valuable insights, our services offer an easier way to reap the benefits of IoT. Tap into our expertise and get control over your connectivity today.  


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Explore our services for tracking, smart office and mHealth & safety

Keep track of goods in transit; locate shared equipment and identify potential malfunctions; distribute access rights to places over the air; help people at risk stay safe... With our services, this is not only possible, but easy for you.

Visilion™ – tracking

Get full visibility into the transport chain and premiumise your service with Visilion for logistics.

mSafety™ – remote monitoring

Take advantage of our scalable platform with secure back-end solution and wearable device, to develop connected health & safety services.

Nimway™ – a smart office solution

Explore our smart office solution that addresses the common office problems your employees face in a modern workspace – navigating to meetings, finding available rooms or desks and locating colleagues.

Successful partnership delivers results

Find out how General Prognostics is breaking new ground in digital health with mSafety

Successful partnership delivers results

Find out how General Prognostics is breaking new ground in digital health with mSafety

There’s an easier way to IoT

Get the most out of your things. And your business.

New solutions based on connected sensors provide real-time data, which enables new insights about your business, users and customers.

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Contributing to a more sustainable future

Read more about Sony’s approach to sustainability and the environmental vision 'Green Management 2025'.

Sustainability and supply chains

Learn why optimising your logistics operations is not only a sustainable choice but also a smart financial choice, in our blog post: "Seven reasons why a more sustainable supply chain is good for business".

The changing role of the office

We firmly believe that in order to transition back successfully, business owners will need to listen to their employees’ experiences of the pandemic, to understand how their attitudes have evolved, and devise new, more flexible workplace strategies. Find out what employees have to say.

Tracking technologies for supply chain visibility

Learn about the typical challenges faced by supply chain managers, and the technologies designed to resolve them. If you’re tired of managing your supply chain in the dark, download our white paper and look forward to a brighter future.

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