Interview with the mSafety team

On wearables in healthcare

Interview with the mSafety team

On wearables in healthcare

How will wearables change the world?
In conversation with João Bocas

This week, João Bocas, an expert in digital health and wearables, interviewed Head of the Health Solution Division Anders Strömberg and Senior Product Manager Jessica Tennhammar, from the mSafety team.

In the interview, Anders Strömberg, Jessica Tennhammar and João Bocas explore the world of wearables.

The conversation covers a range of topics. The three talk about the opportunities of wearables, healthcare industry trends and what barriers exist for implementation of wearables in healthcare. On important topics, they deep-dive. Highlights of the conversation include discussion about the downsides of high-effort lifestyle wearables, as well as what ‘ease-of-use’ really means for healthcare service providers – and why it is so important. 

All in all, they were in agreement: wearables have a bright future in healthcare. Staff shortages and an aging population with multiple conditions make digital health tools more necessary than ever. Wearables enable more methods of care that are proactive, personalised and resource effective.  




Specialised wearables will become more common in healthcare. Not consumer-based electronics, which are designed for style rather than for function.”

For any innovator in digital health and wearables, don’t miss out. Watch the interview below to learn about the bright future of wearables, including

  • Three words that sum up the industry trends in healthcare wearables
  • Three healthcare barriers that digital health and wearable innovation can overcome
  • True ease-of-use for users and service providers
  • How wearable innovation can change the world the most

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