How mSafety from Sony won "Best Biometric Sensor Solution"

How mSafety from Sony won "Best Biometric Sensor Solution"

At the 7th annual MedTech Breakthrough Awards, 80 innovative companies from around the world competed in the category for “Best Biometric Sensor Solution”. Here’s how mSafety from Sony took home first place.


Tough competition

MedTech Breakthrough is an independent market intelligence organisation. Every year, they recognise top platforms,  products and people in the global digital health and medical technology industries through a series of awards. For “Best Biometric Sensor Solution”, they assess contestants on their innovations in health sensor technology and the application of that technology for the betterment of the broader healthcare industry. Out of 80 nominees this year, mSafety emerged first.


What set mSafety apart?

Sony Network Communications Europe stood out with mSafety. MedTech Breakthrough explains that they were impressed with how the solution helps companies tap into the power of digital biomarkers in a way that is simple for end users and easily manageable for service providers:

With mSafety, Sony Network Communications Europe proves an understanding of the end user, and helps businesses optimize service features for those end users.

Some of the unique features of mSafety that stole the show are the thoughtful combination of biomarker sensors in an mSafety cellular wearable device, the remote service management, full control over the collected health data as well as easy customisability of applications. These features enable businesses to provide innovative remote digital health services in a range of different areas. 


A world of possibilities

mSafety can be applied widely across the healthcare industry. As one example of a groundbreaking application, MedTech Breakthrough highlights the mSafety Digital Biomarker Solution – which is designed to streamline decentralisation of clinical trials.

Here’s what they had to say:

"We are impressed with mSafety and the ready-made mSafety application called the Digital Biomarker Solution. mSafety from Sony makes it easy for a business to turn their vision of a wearable service into reality. And the Digital Biomarker Solution is no exception. Remote trials and raw health data can unlock new levels of insight for clinical trials, but both strategies have previously been difficult from a technological perspective. Sony tackles these complexities head-on."


Want to know more about mSafety's award?

Read the full press release from MedTech Breakthrough.



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