Find your way, with Nimway

Discover our smart office solution

Find your way, with Nimway

Discover our smart office solution

Looking to make your office a better place for everyone?  

Nimway from Sony is a complete smart office solution for the modern workplace. Acting as your personal assistant throughout the workday, it eliminates many otherwise time-consuming tasks - like finding the way to a meeting room, locating a colleague or pinpointing a free desk space.



When you choose Nimway, Sony takes care of everything from installation to adjustments, commissioning, monitoring and support. Requiring minimal attention, the system is hassle-free for customers and guarantees a great user experience for employees.


Solution overview

The Nimway ecosystem consists of mobile apps for Android and iOS, room panels and digital floorplans, and it can be connected to all standard calendar systems, such as Office 365, Exchange and Google Suite. Leveraging Sony’s patented world class indoor positioning solution, Nimway is powered by Bluetooth beacons and wireless occupancy sensors. It contains one of the best meeting-room sensor systems in the market (developed by Sony) to provide almost instant vacancy detection when the last person leaves a room. And, since every company’s situation is different, we gladly customise different solutions to your specific needs.


The Nimway hardware and technical overview, for example showing the cloud connection to calendar apps



Where to?

Simple and intuitive, Nimway helps you navigate a large or unfamiliar office space. You can easily see where you are and where you need to go for your next meeting just by checking the mobile app or any digital floorplan.


As you approach a digital floorplan, Nimway automatically provides you with navigation instructions for your next meeting. You get relevant, personalised information in real time, without

even needing to take your phone out of your pocket.


Room booking

Forgot to book a room?

With digital displays or ‘room panels’ placed on the wall outside meeting rooms, it’s easy to make an instant booking. Our quick and intuitive interface shows today’s schedule, the type of room and its name. Alternatively, you can book a room in the Nimway mobile app.

LED lights on the room panels indicate when a room is already in use, and they are easy to see from a distance.


Find available rooms

No rooms available?

Research shows that employees generally perceive meeting rooms to be occupied to a much higher degree than they are. By highlighting the available rooms in your office, Nimway provides a reality check.

Let the system find a good room for you, based on your location and preferences. You can quickly arrange a spontaneous meeting and book the room directly in the app.


Find colleagues

Can’t find a colleague?

In a modern workplace where people move around a lot, it can be hard to find each other.

Nimway solves this problem by helping you locate colleagues anywhere within your office space.

 If you don’t want to be disturbed you can, of course, block your visibility in the app settings.


Find an available desk

Looking for a place to work?

Nimway helps you find a suitable spot in an activity-based office.

Just check which desks are available in the mobile app and on any digital floor plan.


In time for meetings

Running late?

This is a familiar problem for anyone who works in a large office space and has to attend back-to-back meetings. Nimway uses your location data to calculate the time it will take to get to your next meeting and notifies you when you need to set off.


Report a problem

Coffee machine not working?

With Nimway you can easily report office related issues and send them to your facility services,

adding a picture or location if needed.


Error reporting done right

When you use Nimway, many more of the small, daily problems that can occur in any office get reported and resolved. This leads to higher employee satisfaction and less time wasted by facility services.


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