We put the mSafety wearable device through its paces

Read about some of the tests we ran and how the device performed

We put the mSafety wearable device through its paces

Read about some of the tests we ran and how the device performed

How does mSafety stand up to the toughest conditions users might face?

We tested the mSafety wearable device for adherence to global Sony quality standards and proved that it is tough enough to handle dusty or sandy environments and to resist the corrosive effects of sea water and salt spray. It can also withstand shocks, vibrations and being dropped. Even thermal shocks, extreme temperatures and radiation from the sun are no match for the device. In the following, we outline a few of the many standard tests conducted on mSafety.

Drop test

The drop test is an industry-standard way of measuring how drop-proof a device is. Drop-proof devices are a great companion for keen adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor workers such as those working in construction or security. In fact, any smart device whose job is to help keep you safe should be able to handle being dropped.

The mSafety device has been drop-tested to withstand falling on a concrete surface from up to 1,8m (6ft). This showed that the level of impact the device can withstand is IK04.


Water, dust and humidity

Whether you’re walking in the rain, working in a dusty environment or spending your day on a sailing boat, it’s also good to know that the mSafety wearable is IP68 certified. That means it can handle contact with dust and immersion in water. It carries on working even after being submersed into a body of water down to 1.5m deep for half an hour. mSafety can also withstand high and prolonged humidity and is tested for use in equatorial/equinoctial tropical climates for three years.

A reliable companion

A remote monitoring device like mSafety brings peace of mind to users in a variety of situations, but only if they know it can be relied upon. These tests prove that mSafety can withstand extreme conditions and even being dropped or submerged in water. Great news for anyone practicing outdoor sports, working in risky locations, or living with a health condition.


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