Not just another wearable device

A B2B offer that improves health and saves lives

Not just another wearable device

A B2B offer that improves health and saves lives

In a world of smartwatches, mSafety stands out

At a recent conference, WT | Wearable Technologies, Arnol Rios had the chance to explain why mSafety is not just another consumer wearable with a few apps. Arnol is the representative for mSafety in the U.S., and spoke to eager audience. Here’s what he had to say.

More than a device

While there is a wearable involved, there is more to mSafety than the device. Besides the wearable, mSafety includes a complete, secure backend for managing devices in use. It also includes the development kit that simplifies application creation. And on top of that, cellular service that ensures a reliable connection where you are. This is why it is the perfect B2B solution for companies that need a secure, reliable and cost-effective wearable to carry a customised application for their health and safety service.


Designed for health services

He points out that the purpose of mSafety is to improve health and save lives. The wearable delivers real-time data about the wellbeing of the user, that the service provider can use for powerful insights. The always-connected device and bi-directional communication give the best user experience and care possibilities.

Arnol gives several use case examples to showcase the wide variety of different health or safety services that can benefit from mSafety. They include supporting people with chronic health conditions, at-risk seniors living in their own homes, remote occupational health and safety as well as data collection for clinical trials.


Secure data is top of mind

With security a pressing concern, Arnol also describes how mSafety features end-to-end encryption that meets current and future requirements for healthcare applications (and IoT applications in general). This means that no customer data is ever visible in the mSafety backend, which is reassuring for both companies and their individual customers.


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