Customer story

In collaboration with 8 West Consulting

Customer story

In collaboration with 8 West Consulting

8 West uses mSafety to create life-saving remote monitoring services

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As an outdoor sports enthusiast, the co-CEO of 8 West, John Murphy, was inspired to develop the SafeTrx ACTIVE application by a personal experience. While climbing in the Alps with a friend, he fell 200 metres and got stuck on an icy ledge. John survived the fall and was picked up by the French rescue services, but it got him thinking about how technology could be used to make the rescuers’ job easier, and to give adventurers more peace of mind. The result was a suite of new health and safety services based on Sony’s mSafety platform and wearable.


“Using mSafety allows us to build precisely
targeted services that address specific user groups”

John Murphy, co-CEO of 8 West Consulting

Fruitful partnership

After a period of collaborative development and testing with Sony and potential end users, 8 West has launched three remote monitoring services that will enable various user groups to live and work more safely. SafeTrx ACTIVE, SafeTrx PROTECT,  and SafeTrx CARE and SafeTrx ATLAS are designed specifically for:

  • Sports enthusiasts e.g. hikers, climbers, surf skiers and windsurfers
  • People in hazardous occupations
  • The elderly living independently
  • People with chronic health conditions
  • Developers to create a unique solution 



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Explore the full story

Download the PDF below to learn more about how Sony and 8 West worked together on SafeTrx and to understand how your company could do the same.
Included in the customer story: 

  • Why working with Sony helped 8 West speed up time to market
  • How mSafety helps them cater to particular needs in different markets
  • Key mSafety features for each of 8 West’s services

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You, too, can extend your health and safety service through remote monitoring.
In this customer story, explore an innovative service based on mSafety.