Case story

In collaboration with Cloudberry Care

Case story

In collaboration with Cloudberry Care

Cloudberry Care uses mSafety to modernise elderly care

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Cloudberry Care is a welfare technology company based in Sweden, founded by Hans Ahnström and Per Mårtensson. To modernise senior care, Cloudberry Care uses mSafety from Sony to offer a replacement for personal alarms that goes above and beyond – by giving care staff smart, remote, real-time health insights that let them work more efficiently and effectively.

“Our collaboration with Sony lets us offer a trustworthy, high-quality platform."

Per Mårtensson, CEO, Cloudberry Care

Solving tomorrow starts today

Cloudberry Care is dedicated to addressing the glaring challenges with senior care today. Hans Ahnström and Per Mårtensson recognize that the need for more effective elderly care is growing exponentially, due to the fast-aging population and lack of healthcare staff to keep up.

“Digitalisation is not a choice for health care providers anymore. It’s a must. They have to find smarter ways of working in order to manage,” says Per Mårtensson. “I want healthcare providers to know that there is a modern alternative to personal alarms that is both safer and more cost effective – and will prepare them for the future.”

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In this customer story, explore how Cloudberry Care is changing healthcare for seniors, why they chose mSafety and how they benefit from mSafety every day.

Included in the customer story:

  • How mSafety lets them differentiate from traditional personal alarms
  • The top three benefits of mSafety for their solution
  • How Sony helps them evolve and create the future of senior care

Download the full case story

You, too, can extend your health and wellness service through remote monitoring.
In this customer story, explore an innovative service based on mSafety.