Customer story

In collaboration with General Prognostics (GPx)

Customer story

In collaboration with General Prognostics (GPx)

General Prognostics uses mSafety to make blood test information more accessible than ever

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General Prognostics (GPx) is a digital therapeutics company headquartered in Boston, USA. The company is on a mission to revolutionise blood tests. They are developing a service on mSafety that can deliver vital information to care providers about blood diagnostics without drawing blood. To do this, GPx is harnessing the correlation between digital biomarkers and underlying blood biomarkers. Powered by their proprietary algorithms, a wearable application can deliver information about blood without a physical blood test.

“Onboarding patients is a breeze. We have extremely high compliance thanks to mSafety."

Javier Echenique, Co-Founder and CEO, General Prognostics


Enabling simple access to life-saving blood diagnostics

GPx wants to make blood test information more accessible. Around the world, people struggle with chronic conditions. To monitor these conditions effectively, doctors prescribe regular bloodwork. Algorithmic blood tests are not only the convenient, pain-free and non-invasive option to blood monitoring, but it also comes at a relatively low cost. By fast-tracking their service on mSafety, GPx is on their way to delivering value to the entire world.

Download the full customer story

For more insights, download the PDF about the General Prognostics story – and how mSafety is supporting the development of their Bloodless Blood Tests.  

Included in the customer story:

  • Why GPx chose mSafety
  • How they created and operate their service
  • Their top three benefits from using mSafety
  • How GPx achieved extremely high patient compliance with mSafety

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In this customer story, explore an innovative service based on mSafety.