Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

mSafety is a wearable system for businesses across the health industry.

Find all the top queries about Sony’s solution below. 

General topics


What is mSafety?

mSafety is a scalable cloud-based business solution from Sony. It empowers the cost-effective deployment of a digital health service on a configurable, wrist-worn wearables.

mSafety allows a range of health-related businesses to create and grow their services through remote monitoring.   




Why mSafety, and not a consumer smartwatch?

mSafety provides an unparalleled degree of control over your wearable-based health service and removes the necessity of needing a companion device or a user registration or profile. The technology becomes an organic part of your organisation, not just an accessory.

With mSafety, all data is securely in your hands. You can adjust and redesign the application features easily. The device is purpose-oriented, and removes recreational capabilities found in a consumer smartwatch – making it ideal for meaningful health services.    




What certifications does mSafety have?

To simplify the integration of mSafety for our customers around the world, Sony aims to provide the most comprehensive certification coverage that we can. Find our list of certifications here.



How do I buy mSafety?

Pricing models differ between the mSafety platform and the mSafety Digital Biomarker Solution. Please contact us for more information.




mSafety platform

For companies that wish to create a unique remote monitoring service, we offer the mSafety platform that allows you to design a custom device application on mSafety, using our Software Development Kit.


What kind of applications can be developed on mSafety?

mSafety can be used to create services for use cases that benefit from a wrist-worn device and real-time, remote health data and two-way end-user communication. This can include remote health services for elderly patients living at home, a custom application for health research, safety applications for lone workers and more. 

Sony also provides a ready-made ‘Personal Health Application’ on mSafety that makes it easy for a business to get started quicker, and provide a health and wellness service with basic remote monitoring functions.



Does Sony provide consultation services for developing a tailored application on the wearable?

If you do not have in-house development skills or wish to hire third-party developers, Sony can offer your organization development consultation services, depending on the complexity the application.

Once we discuss your needs, we will determine if your organization is a suitable fit for our development consultation. Please get in touch about your development plans to find out more.   



Can mSafety function out of the box, or is tailored development a requirement?

The amount of development depends on what you need from your digital health service. For some services, mSafety can be bought and used out of the box using the Personal Health App.

However, if your organisation wants a unique device application, mSafety can be programmed and modified, using our Software Development Kit (SDK), to become the custom, wearable-based service you have envisioned. 




mSafety Digital Biomarker Solution

This off-the-shelf solution for clinical trials and health research includes a web-based management system and a dedicated sensor data application in the mSafety device.



What is the intended use of the mSafety Digital Biomarker Solution?

The mSafety Digital Biomarker Solution is designed for clinical trials or the development of algorithms.

It allows you to measure, manage and integrate sensor data. The solution targets trials sponsors, project leads, study nurses or data scientists in organisations like pharmaceutical companies, CROs, medical centres or research institutes.

Companies benefit from the solution’s user-centred wearables devices and the research-ready raw data, which make hybrid and decentralised research simpler for trial participants and researchers. 





How does the mSafety Digital Biomarker Solution address adherence and retention?

Navigating complexities in wearable device pairings with companion devices or infrequent data uploads poses challenges. The mSafety Digital Biomarker Solution is designed for optimal adherence and retention in such scenarios.

Continuous data flows let researchers detect when trial participants fail to adhere to trial protocols and know when to send reminders or act.

The devices require minimal effort from participants, removing barriers to participation in your study.

The devices display minimal information – and no information about the biomarkers – to reduce biased behaviour exhibited by the participant. 





Who owns the sensor data collected by the wearable?

The mSafety Digital Biomarker Solution has been designed to ensure that sensor data can only be accessed and managed by the license owner. Not even Sony can access the sensor data that is measured, managed and stored in the mSafety Digital Biomarker Solution.

Your company has sole ownership of the collected research data when you use this solution. Unlike using off-the-shelf consumer wearables for clinical research, Sony does not claim ownership or any rights to using your data.    




What’s required of study participants when using the device?

Simplicity for the user is key to enhancing adherence and retention. This is why we’ve made mSafety simple for participants to use – no matter their level of digital literacy. All they have to do is unpack the device, fit the watch to their wrist with the wrist strap and periodically charge the device.



mSafety Devices

The mSafety device is a smart watch entirely provided by Sony.



What can mSafety devices monitor?

The devices feature in-device sensors for health activity data and can also connect to external devices and sensors via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

All sensor data is uploaded automatically. For information about the mSafety device and its algorithms for remote care and safety, click here.

For more information on the device sensor settings for the mSafety Digital Biomarker Solution, click here.





In which countries do mSafety devices work?

Sony offers mSafety primarily to European and American markets, which have a more widespread deployment of the LTE Cat-M1 networks upon which mSafety devices depend upon. We have chosen LTE Cat-M1 as a network communication standard because it was purpose-built for IoT devices to minimise power consumption and extend device battery life. 

To determine the availability of LTE Cat-M1 networks in your area, contact us




Where do I find more information?

Read more: mSafety product website.

Do you have more questions about mSafety?

We’re happy to send you more information or schedule a personal call. Please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.