mSafety as a platform

Technical overview

mSafety as a platform

Technical overview

Create a valuable remote monitoring service

Use mSafety as a system of technology to embrace remote monitoring and create a valuable service for your customers. Streamline development and operation thanks to Sony’s technology expertise.

Develop and operate a service

To create your service, use our Software Development Kit (SDK) for device application development and cloud APIs for endpoint integration. mSafety gives customers full flexibility in designing value-adding health and safety services with dedicated wearables.

Once complete, operate your mSafety service with powerful device and fleet management capabilities that make user interaction effortless and your service easily scalable for millions of devices.

Device software development

With the SDK for mSafety, it is easy to build your own device application. The SDK also helps you maintain or adapt the application as your business grows. It contains all the tools needed for development and testing, including device APIs, tools to manage the device, documentation, reference codes and reference applications to get you started.

C programming language

Device applications are written in C and the application framework is run using Docker, making application development agnostic to the operating system of the development computer.

Single-threaded, call-back based

The device applications can be updated throughout their lifecycle. A Sony partner can also create as many applications as they want. Note, a device can only run one app at a time.

Consultancy available

If your business does not have development skills in-house, you can utilize our development service and have us develop your service for you. Consultancy is available on request.

Deploy your application on devices

Automatic launch

Device units are built with the customer’s unique application and authorisation keys. When a device is powered up for the first time, the data subscription plan is activated and an onboarding process with the mSafety backend is executed automatically.

Remote updates

Device applications can be pushed out remotely via Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA). The mSafety OS and the partner app is bundled into one package and pushed by the service provider, meaning that the device user only ever receives a single update from one source. Service providers can choose to request consent from the user or push the update and decide the conditions for when an update can take place e.g., while devices are charging.

Built-in security

mSafety has a built-in chain of trust that ensures only software signed by the service provider can be installed and run on an mSafety device. Any unsigned package is automatically rejected. Sony too cannot install applications on customers’ devices via FOTA. The service provider therefore has total control.

Integrate the solution

mSafety and all your collected data is designed to be easy to integrate into your existing systems. Cloud APIs, like REST APIs, ensure easy data end point integration. All APIs provide trusted integration. This helps your business fully utilise the collected data in your own preferred way and ensure that the data is protected from the wearable to your endpoint.

Service operation with mSafety

Operate your mSafety service through device and fleet management in the web interface. Fleet management makes mSafety scalable for millions of devices, fully customisable to your needs and makes user interaction effortless.

Configuration and management

mSafety makes it easy to manage devices, configure devices and update firmware over the air. Device and fleet management functions can be accessed through the mSafety web interface, the REST APIs or the command-line interface (CLI).

Compared with consumer devices, mSafety’s device and fleet management capability simplifies the job of the service provider. Flexibly group devices, deploy applications, decide update patterns for individual devices and remotely configure devices in run time.

Note: End users are not managed in the mSafety web interface due to privacy reasons. This is done by the service provider themselves.

Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA)

FOTA gives Sony partners effortless control over their device fleets and the freedom to make changes or updates without involving the device users. Service providers can modify any number of devices separately. Fleets can be divided into groups, each with its own FOTA update pattern or application. A group can include hundreds of devices or be as small as one.

A care home, for example, can move mSafety devices from one user to another, as devices are re-usable. FOTA makes it easy for the care provider to remotely install a different application for each person, each time.

Device configuration

Service providers can remotely configure parameters like sample periods, upload intervals and pairing of external devices. For service providers who want to configure an application remotely without updating the software, mSafety has a feature called Shadow that complements FOTA.

Using Shadow, it’s possible to change how the software behaves, as opposed to changing the software itself. This enables very specific and precisely targeted adaptations for certain user groups or even for individual users. For example, how frequently the device measures an individual patient’s heart rate can be adjusted, or a single trial participant can be reminded to take his or her medication.

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