Get data for every step in your logistics chain

Get data for every step in your logistics chain

Today, many shipments involve multiple transport modes and include trans-shipments. Every additional step increases the risk of something going wrong. And when goods and assets do not arrive on time, production may come to a standstill, causing lost production and possibly material waste.

Flight mode completes the picture

Sony's asset tracking solution, Visilion, has been developed to give customers full visibility of their shipments, with real-time data and insights that enable them to react promptly to any deviation. Now, with flight mode added to the Visilion trackers, customers can actively track cargo on all four modes of transport – road, rail, sea and air – or any combination of these.

Safe in-flight operation

In-flight communication is of course highly regulated. Visilion’s flight mode automatically suspends outgoing communication that might interfere with the plane’s systems. But, crucially, the Visilion trackers continue to collect data on things like temperature, shock and tilt during the flight. On landing, the tracker automatically resumes communication and starts uploading data to the system so users can check their shipment’s status.

Maximise efficiency and reduce waste

Connectivity in the supply chain paves the way for greener decision making about routes and choice of transport modes. Journey times are minimized, return transport maximized and fewer sensitive goods go to waste. However complex multi-modal shipments with multiple carriers can make it difficult for shippers that want to retrieve their trackers from the final destination. To solve this, the Visilion team is developing solutions to support tracker management and simplify return logistics, so supply chain managers can achieve their ambitions for implementing Visilion.

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