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What is Nimway?

A workplace that thrives. Nimway is a smart office solution that lets everyone make the most of their workplace. Employees can control their day and achieve their best work—without the chores and barriers of a traditional office. At the same time, companies gain valuable insights about their spaces to guide data-driven facility optimization and resource allocation


It’s time to reimagine the office. Yesterday’s office was the only place to work. But today’s new hybrid workforces introduce unique demands. Attendance fluctuates. Some areas are empty, others packed. Friction and frustration fill the hallways as employees compete for spaces and make compromises. It can feel impossible to make the workplace work for everyone.



Nimway for employees

Control your day at the office. Imagine an office where you can trust that you’ll find a suitable workspace. Not only that, but where you can book the workspaces and meeting rooms you need with the press of a button—in advance or on the spot. You can even identify which colleagues will be in the office, and where they are. There are no chores and no compromises. Your day goes smoothly. That’s a Nimway workplace.


Key features for employees:


NimwayPictograms_Bookings-vs.-usage_blackOffice access 

In the Nimway mobile app, book your office days in advance to give your colleagues a heads up. This will also help your facility manager ensure there are sufficient desks and meeting rooms to go around. 


NimwayPictograms_My-Favorites_blackMy favorites 

Coordinate better with team members using My Favorites — a mobile app feature that lets you select key colleagues from any department. When booking Office Access, you’ll see who is planning to be at work on any given day to maximize every office day. 


NimwayPictograms_Parking-reservation_blackParking reservations 

Save time and frustration during the office commute with Parking Reservations. If your company has fewer parking spaces than employees with cars, book a spot in advance, and know that it will be free when you arrive. 


NimwayPictograms_Bookings-vs.-usage_blackWorkspace booking 

It’s now easier than ever to plan your days at the office. Secure a place to work with Nimway Desk Booking. View the availability of rooms and desks through the mobile app or a digital floorplan at the office, and book via the mobile app. 


NimwayPictograms_Space-releaser_blackSpace releaser 

This unique Nimway feature ensures that if nobody shows up to a booked room within a given period of time, the person who booked the room will receive a notification to release it for others to use



Nimway for facility managers

Nimway delivers valuable insights about occupancy and booking. Using the Nimway dashboard, a facility manager can begin to understand how their space is actually used, minute-by-minute. And that’s no exaggeration. Unlike many office sensors, Nimway delivers instant occupancy data that is truly real-time.

These insights are game-changing for facilities struggling to optimize their resources. With Nimway, you’ll understand how much office area, how many rooms and the types of workspaces your office needs. Using Nimway analytics, you can lower operational costs and create a workplace suited for in-house working styles — at the same time.


Transformative office analytics


Low- and high-traffic 

Reveal imbalances in work areas with realtime occupancy insights from Nimway. Then, finetune your layouts to match realworld needs. Are certain collaboration areas overcrowded? Or individual focus rooms eternally empty? Over time, create an office where every area is worth the space. 


Peaks and valleys 

Are there certain days or times of day that are especially popular? What are the average occupancy levels? Nimway analytics provides data to identify daily and weekly behavioral patterns. What’s more, thanks to booking data, you’ll understand how your employees want to use the office.


True utilization 

A booked room isn’t always in use. Maybe the meeting ended early. Or they never showed up at all. That’s why occupancy sensors matter. And with Nimway analytics, you’ll see “Rooms booked” versus “Rooms used” — letting you optimize your office with a data-driven course of action.



Workplace solutions

Address your challenges. Whether you need to improve facility performance, support better teamwork, or create a magnetic space, Nimway enables brilliant decision-making to get you there. Nimway can be configured for all three domains of modern work: office optimization, employee collaboration, and workplace experience.


Office optimization 

Use Nimway analytics to create the exact high-performing space you need. 

Key features:

NimwayPictograms_Realtime_data_ Black


Desk and room occupancy
Identify lowand high-traffic areas.



Bookings vs. usage
See how employees want to use the workspaces. 



Peak times of day and peak days
Identify daily and weekly behavioral patterns. 

NimwayPictograms_Parking-reservations_ Black


Parking reservations
Monitor upcoming reservations (up to 14 days in advance).



Office access
See upcoming office access requests to ensure adequate resources.



Employee collaboration 

Empower teamwork by removing day-to-day chores that zap productivity. 

Key features:



Book for your team
Reserve available workspaces — with real-time occupancy. 



Space releaser
Free up a room you don’t need. 



Automatic check-ins
Don’t waste meeting time checking into the room.



Locate your team and see if they are at the office (optional). 



My Favorites
Identify your key colleagues and coordinate your days.



Workplace experience 

Nimway guides a smoother workday as your very own personal assistant. 

Key features:

NimwayPictograms_Predict-and-plan-your-day_ Black


Predict and plan your day
Book office access and necessary workspaces. 

NimwayPictograms_Wayfinding_ Black


Navigate the office, whether you are an employee or a visitor. 

NimwayPictograms_Wellness_sensing_ Black


Climate sensing
Ensure your spaces are ideal for well-being. 



Parking Reservation
Make the commute stress-free by knowing you’ll have a spot. 

NimwayPictograms_Site-services_ Black


Site services
allows clients to add their own links to restaurants, HR, gym, etc.



Technology overview

As a suite of smart office technologies, Nimway can be adapted to any workplace — depending on your challenges with occupancy, resource allocation, collaboration or work experience. The solution is powered by Sony’s patented world-class indoor positioning technology, and state-of-the-art wireless sensors that provide true real-time occupancy data.


Why Sony?

Sony first developed Nimway to support employees at the large Sony campus in Sweden. It didn’t take long to realize most companies had equally difficult workplaces. So, in 2016, we launched Nimway as a global commercial solution. Nimway is completely designed and owned by Sony. Our expertise with mobile and sensing technology — combined with our passion for creating great user experiences — are what power Nimway and benefit offices all around the world.



Here’s what people say about Nimway:



“I can finally go to the office and know everything will go to plan.” 

“A neat interface that’s elegantly designed, easy and intuitive to use.” 

“Nimway has merged my team’s dynamic, spontaneous work style with the entire office.” 


Facility managers 

“Our company had changing space needs. Nimway helped us adapt.” 

“I get accurate, up-to-the-minute occupancy information, 24/7. It’s awesome.” 

“When I have to create reports, I use data I have exported from Nimway.”


Business owners 

“Sony controls the whole production chain, so deliveries are reliable and hassle-free.” 

“Fully scalable, with the option of stepwise implementation.” 

“Nimway complies with GDPR. But its security goes above and beyond.”



Want to know more? 

Every Nimway installation is tailored to suit your organization’s specific requirements and needs. Contact us for more information about how Nimway can improve your workplace experience.