What we do

We believe the key to a thriving workforce is a demystified workplace. That’s why we help people navigate their office and make great day-to-day decisions. When people understand their workplace, it’s easy to create an efficient facility, a collaborative environment, and an inspiring experience.

Our core values


Win with your space

High-performing workplaces have resource-efficient spaces and frictionless layouts.


Bring people together

The office is more important than ever. It’s where people truly come together and create great things.


Empower creativity

When people have the tools to make smarter choices, we free innovation and free time.

A workplace legacy

Sony first developed Nimway in 2010 to support employees at the large Sony campus in Sweden. It didn’t take long to realize most companies had equally difficult workplaces. Since then, Nimway has helped customers continuously adapt to workplace transformations and get the most from their facilities.

For a sustainable future

We deliver a responsible product aligned with the Sony Group’s Road to Zero environmental plan. Our commitment extends to support you. Use Nimway to work towards environmental KPIs for your office—right-size your layouts, equip facilities efficiently, and adopt hybrid workstyles.

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