Office optimization

Shape your efficient facility

In today’s era of hybrid and flexible working, facility managers struggle to create work environments without waste. These poor layouts skyrocket operating costs. But how do you design efficient workspaces that people enjoy?

With Nimway, create your high-performing workplace with data. See minute-by-minute office usage thanks to state-of-the-art sensors and positioning technology. And with helpful analytics, you’re on your way to next-level office efficiency.


Nimway for powerful office optimization

Discover how to make every area worth the space with Nimway analytics. You’ll be able to identify when employees use the office, how they use it, and pinpoint inefficiencies. Then, enrich your facility with facts at hand.



True real-time desk and room occupancy
Identify low- and high-traffic areas.




Bookings vs. usage
See how employees intend to use workspaces.




Peak times of day and peak days
Identify daily and weekly behavioral patterns.




Office access
See upcoming office access requests to ensure adequate resources.




People counting
Understand exactly how employees use the workplace.

Employee collaboration

Harmonize your teams

A workplace is for working together. Yet, unmanaged hybrid workforces can create immense frustration at work. Meeting room conflicts. Empty offices where employees feel alone. Packed offices where there isn’t enough space to go around.

With Nimway, remove day-to-day chores that cause friction and zap productivity. Book workspaces remotely or on-site. Locate team members in a flash. Nimway gives every team in the office a focused day without distractions.


Nimway for effortless employee collaboration

Nimway equips your workplace with key tools for better office collaboration. The Nimway app and various screens at the office let your employees locate, book, and shape their day—all while keeping everyone else at the office informed. 




Book team meetings
Reserve available workspaces with real-time updates.




Space releaser
Free up a room when you don’t need it.




Automatic check-ins
Don’t waste meeting time checking into the room.




Find colleagues
Locate your team and see if they are at the office (optional). 




My Favorites
Identify key colleagues and plan your common days at work. 

Workplace experience

Empower your people

A new generation of employees is here. Traditional office environments aren’t meeting everyone’s expectations. Many employers are struggling. What kind of workplace experiences will attract and retain today’s talent?

With Nimway, employees gain a virtual assistant for any modern working style that makes every day at work much, much smoother. Nimway helps employees decide where and when to work. This is a winner’s work environment, where people thrive at work.


Nimway for a smoother workplace experience

Nimway helps employees and visitors get the most from their day at the office. They receive guidance through their very own Nimway app—for on-the-go assistance inside or outside the workplace—or through stylish in-office panels. 




Predict and plan your day
Book office access and necessary workspaces.




Navigate the office, whether you are an employee or a visitor.




Wellness sensing
Ensure your spaces are ideal for well-being.




Parking reservations
Make the commute stress-free by knowing you’ll have a spot.




Report a problem
Notify personnel of facility issues for faster maintenance. 




Site services
Learn about the amenities and services available to all employees.

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