Has the pandemic changed our view of ‘the office’ for ever?

Find out what employees have to say

Are you thinking about reopening your office in the near future? We firmly believe that in order to transition back successfully, business owners will need to listen to their employees’ experiences of the pandemic, to understand how their attitudes have evolved, and devise new, more flexible workplace strategies.

With this in mind, the Nimway team at Sony Network Communications Europe joined forces with our partners at Worktech Academy in the UK to conduct a survey to explore the following topics.


Working from home
What are the pros and cons of working from home? Will the office still have a part to play in the post-lockdown world?


Returning to the office
How do people feel about the prospect of returning to the office? What have people missed?


Adjustments to the workplace
What adjustments do employers need to make to attract employees back to work and how might technology support them?

Average days a week people want to return to the office: 7% says 5 days or 0 days. 93% want to work flexible.


The survey revealed that most people see both pros and cons to working from home. On the one hand, they might enjoy the flexibility it offers, and perceive a boost in productivity or work satisfaction. But on the other hand, they recognise that some tasks are still better handled in face-to-face meetings, especially those involving creative collaboration. For this reason, most participants still saw a role for the physical workplace in the future, albeit a slightly different one. Returning to work on a flexible basis was supported by a full 93% of respondents.

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Download the full survey report to learn more about the opportunities to re-establish the office traditional strengths, while also addressing its limitations.

The changing role of the office, post-COVID (infographic)

While you are here, take a look at our infographic with a summary of the above research report.