Desk management

Take advantage of Nimway’s desk management features to book an individual desk or a collaboration space or to see when your colleagues are coming to the office. Thanks to the app’s easy functionality, you win time and energy for the things that really add value to your working day.

Occupancy data from Nimway also supports facility managers as they strive to make the post-COVID office environment safer for staff.

The future role of the office

A recent Nimway survey showed that in the future, the office’s most important role will be as a hub for collaboration. 83% of survey respondents cited ‘meeting teams’ as the main incentive for returning to the office and 89% cited ‘social interaction’.


Desk booking

Book a desk via the Nimway app so you always know that there’s a freshly cleaned, ‘socially-distanced’ place waiting for you at the office. You won’t have to hunt around for somewhere to sit when you arrive, and your journey will not have been wasted.

Three ways to book

There are three easy ways to secure a booking via the Nimway app: from the map (‘quick book’), from the Nimway desk calendar, or via the blue desk icon on your home screen.

Find the best spot

Get an instant overview of which desks are available and choose the best one for the task in hand. Perhaps in a quiet area, or close to your team, or a place that offers easy access to the equipment you need.

On the fly or in advance

If you know in advance that you will need to attend the office on a certain day, the app lets you book up to two weeks in advance. For more spontaneous office visits, you can book a desk on the fly.

Desk occupancy

Occupancy at a glance

Sensors placed beneath each desk detect whether or not the desk is free, in use, or booked but not in use. When someone sits down, the desk’s status changes automatically to red (for occupied) in the app.

Nimway Analytics

Are some areas of the office under-utilised? Don’t rely on what people say. Use desk occupancy data from Nimway Analytics to finetune your layout and/or implement COVID safety guidelines.

What are your average occupancy levels? Are there peak times of day or peak days of the week? Nimway Analytics provides you with precise data so you can take the right path of action. For example, if employees all want to come to work on a particular day, you can use Nimway’s entrance ticketing function to manage the numbers.

Social distancing

A cross taped on your desks signifies they are from barred from use. But tape is easy to remove. To reinforce the message, mark every other desk as unavailable in the Nimway app. This will reduce density and help you adhere to social distancing guidelines


Installation-free desk management

If you’re looking for a simple desk management solution that’s quick and easy to implement, choose the installation-free option of Nimway. The app gives you an overview of all the available desks so you can just select one and book it.

In the absence of desk sensors, when someone books a desk via the map, it shows up as red (for occupied). With a unique QR code attached to each desk, employees can scan the code to check themselves in when they arrive.


Desk cleaning

Thanks to Nimway’s desk sensors, once a desk has been used it remains ‘unavailable’ in the app until after cleaning. Employees can therefore be confident that whichever desk they choose, it will have been cleaned since it was last used. What’s more, cleaning staff can focus on cleaning the desks that have actually been used, rather than general cleaning.

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Did you know?

Nimway can also help you with entrance ticketing and parking.


Office access

Provide entrance tickets via the app in order to keep track of who and how many people are attending the office each day. Those who want or need to come to the office can get a ticket sent to their phone and show it to the guard on their way in.



Got an important meeting? Why not use the Nimway app to book a spot in the office carpark before you leave home? That way, you won’t have to drive around looking for a space and risk being late.

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