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We help you implement COVID safety policies

As lockdown measures are gradually lifted, you’re probably thinking about how to bring employees back to work safely. What can you do to successfully implement social distancing guidelines and establish better cleaning routines? How can you help employees feel more confident about coming back?

Nimway is a good place to start. Without installing any hardware on site, we can design and set-up a basic smart office solution that’s adapted for your workplace. It makes your facility manager’s job easier and sends a clear signal to employees that you’re concerned about their safety and doing your best to adhere to the guidelines.

Once up and running, it’s easy to upgrade your Nimway system to cover new needs as they arise, or to install a fully-fledged solution with sensors, beacons, room panels and floorplans at any time.


Installation-free Nimway

Here’s what you get with an installation-free Nimway solution:

  • Control over the flow of people entering and leaving the building
  • Support for social distancing at workstations and in meeting rooms
  • Data to enable targeted cleaning
  • Better space utilisation, within social distancing regulations

Full installation of Nimway

A physical installation enables additional features such as:

  • Improved wayfinding and colleague finding. Employees can send smart invitations
  • Analytics on room/desk occupancy for better resource planning
  • Optimised cleaning procedures based on real-time data

We are continuously upgrading the system to tackle new issues and accommodate different ways of working. All Nimway’s features – both existing and upcoming – are developed in collaboration with and grounded in our users’ day-to-day workplace experience.

Bookable desks

Nimway makes it easy for employees to find and book a specific desk or workspace, for all or part of a day. The system identifies which desks have already been booked, so people can choose to sit in a less crowded area or one that’s close to their team.

Nimway supports your company’s efforts to provide hygienic workstations for employees. Sensors detect when a desk has been used and mark it as unavailable until after cleaning.

Learn more about Nimway desk management

The Nimway app can be used to book rooms as well as individual workspaces, desks. Filter on your needs, and book by clicking on an available item

Block every other workstation

The easiest way to keep staff a safe distance apart from one another is to place an object or sign on the workstations you want to temporarily decommission. In addition, you can show which desks are blocked/available in the Nimway system.

When deciding where to sit, employees can check the app to see how many desks are booked or occupied in each area, and select the least crowded place.

To further reduce infection risks, you can assign equipment like keyboards to individuals instead of sharing them.

The app shows you in real-time where many seats are taken, and blocks seats making them grey and unable to book

Avoid common touchpoints

Automatic doors are a great way to avoid multiple people touching handles. With Nimway, you can eliminate the need for many other physical touchpoints that might spread infection. For example, employees can scan the digital floorplan to find a meeting room, and get automatic guidance without having to touch the screen. If a room needs to be booked or a maintenance/cleaning issue reported, this can be done via the Nimway app on the employee’s own phone.

With the Nimway ‘check-in to meetings’ function, sensors automatically check people into meetings without them needing to touch the room panel.

The Nimway floorplan shows your location when you walk up to it – zero manual interaction need

Larger meeting rooms, smaller meetings

Another way to keep people safe distance is to reduce the maximum number of occupants allowed in meeting rooms. A fifty percent reduction is a good rule of thumb and can easily be achieved by asking people to sit in every other seat. The max-per-room numbers can be updated in your Nimway room booking systems, and you can use the People Count analytics feature to check that guidelines are being followed.

Social distancing at lunch and break times

People tend to forget social distancing rules when caught off guard during lunch and break times. To help employees remember the guidelines, you can remove every other chair in the social areas, and stagger mealtimes to limit peak occupancy in your canteen. Use Nimway analytics to measure and monitor utilisation and ensure the limitations are respected.

Focused cleaning

With Nimway analytics, your cleaning team can see which desks and rooms were occupied the day before and plan their work accordingly.

Via the app, employees can also inform facility services about which areas need extra attention… and they can even attach a photo to their message.

To increase employees’ peace of mind, Nimway’s sensors automatically detect if a desk has been used and can mark it as ‘unavailable’ until after cleaning.

You will be notified when you need to head off to make it on time.

Office access

A ticketing feature enables business owners to control who has access to their premises, based on identity and other criteria such as time-based access rights or membership of a designated group.

For employees, office access tickets help minimise the need to interact with security staff, speeding up entry and reducing the need for close contact with other employees. They also provide the reassurance that a booked desk is available and ready for use.

The ticketing functionality makes it easy to see if the access is valid, since it shows with a green colored screen including for example time, date and personal identification data

The changing role of the office, post-COVID

A Nimway – WorkTech Academy survey

Are you thinking about reopening your office in the near future? We firmly believe that in order to transition back successfully, business owners will need to listen to their employees’ experiences of the pandemic, to understand how their attitudes have evolved, and devise more flexible workplace strategies for the future. Find out what employees have to say

Tell us how you’re doing

We hope you found these suggestions helpful and look forward to hearing how things work out for you. If you have other strategies for a safe return to work, or ideas about how the Nimway system can be used to reinforce them, we’d love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know what and how you’re doing!