Where to?

Nimway helps you navigate the office in a simple and intuitive way.

In the mobile app, and on any digital floorplan, you can easily see where you are, and where you need to go for your next meeting.

When you walk up to a digital floorplan, you automatically get personalised navigation instructions for your next meeting, without even taking your phone out of your bag or pocket.

Our unique solution shows relevant, personalised information in real time.

The Nimway solution on a mobile phone and the kiosk mode

Room booking

Need a meeting room right away?

Room panels mounted outside meeting rooms make it easy to book a room on the fly. Nimway’s quick and intuitive interface shows today’s schedule, meeting room name and room type. Coloured LED lights on the panels indicate occupancy status, so you can see if a room is free or busy from a distance.

You can also book a room via the mobile app.

Nimway in a tablet shows room availability clearly, and allows for real-time booking with a single button

Find available rooms

No rooms available?

The data shows that people often perceive meeting rooms to be less available than they actually are. With Nimway, you can clearly see all available rooms in your office.

Our smart assistant finds a room for you, based on your location and preferences. You can quickly arrange a spontaneous meeting and make your booking directly in the app.  

The Nimway solution on your phone allows for finding both rooms and workplaces suitable to your current needs

Find colleagues

Can’t find your colleague?

In a modern workplace where people move around a lot, it can be hard to find each other.

Thanks to Sony’s advanced positioning system, it’s easy locate colleagues in the office. Of course, they can always choose to hide their visibility when they don’t want to be disturbed.

Nimway in your cell phone may show you in real-time where a specific colleague is located

Desk management

Need somewhere to sit?

Save time by using the Nimway app to book a desk before you leave home. If you’re already at the office, find a free desk via the app or a digital floorplan. Sensors placed beneath each desk detect whether or not the desk is free, in use, or booked but not in use.

Nimway desk management function shows in real-time in red if the seat is taken, green if it is available, and yellow if it is booked but not currently occupied

Arrive on time!

Nimway helps you get to meetings on time. Based on your location and analysed data, the system calculates how long it will take you to get to a meeting, and notifies you when it’s time to get going.  

You will be notified when you need to head off to make it on time.

A written push notification pops up in time to prompt you to proceed to your next meeting from your calendar. You can cancel, check in or just swipe it.

Report a problem

Coffee machine not working?

With Nimway you can easily report any office-related issues to facility services. You can even add a picture or location if needed.

Since it is so easy to report an issue through the Nimway app, more issues get reported and resolved. This leads to higher employee satisfaction, and less time wasted for facility services.

The app prompts a issue headline, potential picture of the problem, a location and a message